Lawn care service helps elderly customers remove snow from driveways

He says this is his first time clearing out large amounts of snow.

The majority of his customers are elderly and dependent on services like his to get back to normal life.

“I’ve got a guy now that I’ve got to do go do here in a little bit whose wife had a bad accident. She’s got to go to the doctor Monday,” said Domino. “He said he can’t get out of his driveway, so that's what I’m going to do after this one. Go clean it up so he can get his wife out Monday.”

He says it’s hard work.

“Well, I'm fixing to be 60, so a shovel and I don’t get along too well anymore. It’s just time-consuming. It just takes awhile. You’ve got to have the right equipment, or it just doesn’t work,” said Domino.

Charles says he averages clearing about five to six houses a day. He said his wife told him not to overdo it but being able to help people makes it all worth it.

He says the warmer temperatures and the sunshine is helping the snowmelt, making his job a little easier.

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