Spring Is Near and SEO Season Is Here

Spring Is Near and SEO Season Is Here

Spring Is Near and SEO Season Is Here

As lawn and landscaping business owners are nearing the Spring there is a lot left on the table this season. SEO season is right in front of us and it's time to get down to business. Our websites work as a tool to bring in new potential clients and that tool must be well oiled and ready to work or you can possibly lose out this Spring. Your website can bring you in a ton of well-qualified leads if used properly, but forewarning...NOW is the time to move if you plan to use this tool for Spring.

Yes, we all know PPC ads can run whenever and that is surely a good way to go if your ROI is not your primary focus, however, if you want a truly dominant online presence there are a handful of tricks GUARANTEED to help you compete in any market.

  1. Blog At Least 3 Times A Month

Blogging is essential to your online marketing plan. By blogging at least 3 times a month on specified days you are showing your business is currently active online. This will increase your traffic and if done right also help your online ranking. Utilizing keywords and or phrases can really increase traffic if you put good enough content together to rank in search engines. For instance, we built a blog post named "how to open a mosquito control business" that blog has since helped us become the #1 thing you see when you look up that term across America. Each year we receive 50 - 60 leads from that one post. Now you cannot just toss trash up, you must put time and effort into your content. But if done right you will reap the rewards.

2. Post on Google My Business Daily

Utilize your Google my business page daily. This page is an amazing tool. Google released a document in 2019 showing exactly what it looked for in your website for listing purposes and you can find that tool right on our blog by (Clicking Here). Our team has found this to be extremely reliable when trying to grow our traffic as well as when trying to grow our clients. We suggest looking at your current stats and then trying to post daily with backlinks to your website for 6 weeks. Then measure the volume difference and success.

3. Utilize Facebook Groups

If you're not yet utilizing Facebook groups your surely missing out. The use of Facebook groups is essential. Small business can double their size sheerly working through groups and acquiring leads and new customers. By posting in groups, and answering recommendation request. We have seen small businesses grow and scale using these tools. Don't take things for granted. These tools can be amazing!

If you utilize these tools you should see growth in your business! Please feel free to reach out for a FREE quote if you feel you're going to need help this season with your marketing!

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