How Do I Market My Lawn Care Business? Here are 5 Steps

How Do I Market My Lawn Care Business? Here are 5 Steps

Well, when it comes to marketing your lawn care business you have more than likely sat around and wondered? How do I market my lawn care business? Below I will give you a list of steps we here at LCMS highly suggest for marketing your lawn care business properly. We as a team have years of experience marketing business all over the nation. We take pride in our work and we really hope these tips help.

  1. Make a marketing plan

Make a marketing plan for your business. By doing this you will be building your own business a plan and goals. This can Truly help you grow and succeed! If you Struggle to Do this we suggest looking up marketing plan templates on Google and utilizing one.

2. Get A Website

Get your business a website. This is essential. By getting your business a professional website you will begin to have an online footprint and thus you will be able to reach new clients and people. Our team is here for all of your website needs if you cannot find another builder.


3. Build a Google My Business Page

Build your business a my business page. If your unfamiliar with how this is done follow our video below and you should be able to complete this step in about 3 minutes. Watch the video below for a how-to!

4. Get Some Flyers Made

Be sure you have some ground marketing materials, though online is great its always a great idea to get some flyers developed for your business. Depending on your budget and business size depends on how we go about this. We highly suggest starting with at least 1000 flyers.


5. Blog

Once you have a website no matter who your hosting company is you will want to blog on your website quite often. We suggest you blog a minimal 3 times a month. The best way to utilize a blog is simple. We answer questions a client would ask. This allows overtime for your site to rank depending on the QUALITY of your content and growth will begin to show.

We hope these 5 steps to how to market your lawn care business help you. Our team is here for any other questions you may have as well. Simply shoot us a message on our contact us page for any help!

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