Why You Should be Outsourcing Your Marketing?

Why You Should be Outsourcing Your Marketing?

Why You Should be Outsourcing Your Marketing?

I don't care who you are, no one is good at everything. Now with that being said unless you have at least 30 hours extra a week to market your business you should be outsourcing it. Instead of going back to school or trying to learn how to market your business let the professionals do the work.

I believe you should stick to what you are good at. A good marketing firm will be able to market across a broad spectrum. A marketing professional will be able to look at your business and see a bigger picture, they will be able to identify the areas you are lacking and create a way to close those gaps. This will give your business a greater chance of being successful. You may be one of the top in your field but being able to get your company in the right channels to attract new customers is a whole different ball game.

If you are trying to run a business your hours are already taken by the business side of things. Marketing your company is a full-time job. Unfortunately,tops there are only 24 hours in a day, and yes I can already hear some of you saying “I will sleep when I'm dead.”

Realistically no one can do two full-time jobs daily and still do great work, somewhere the ball will drop.  Marketing involves a discovery phase, a brainstorming phase, a strategy phase, an implementation phase, and a follow-up phase. Each of these stages are required to implement whatever strategy you decide.

Some marketing involves face to face networking, then there is the digital platforms. These platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. Each of these requires design, this needs to be consistent throughout your page. You need to ensure your team is depicting your brand the right way and consistently. Public relations, research, web design, and so much more will make up a marketing department for your business. Basically having someone who eats and breathes marketing will let you stay the expert in your field. Having a professional marketer with the right strategy will help boom your business.

Another simple reason is that it will save you money. Outsourcing your marketing department will definitely save you money in the end. You will not have to pay for someone’s salary, their benefits or the special software for marketing and design. So many companies have other employees doing double work. The receptionist is supposed to be answering the phones and greeting visitors, now you have her running your social media if she doesn't know how to market online then you are wasting her time. You will not profit from that. The more work you add to your employees the more pay they will expect. Plus adding more tasks means both sides will suffer. Now you can hire someone who has a degree in marketing and have them be your inhouse marketer, however, this will cost you a high salary. A marketing firm is cheaper than hiring someone in the house.  You will pay a quarter of what you would be paying to someone on salary.

Now don't forget a marketing expert will see a bigger picture. They have fresh eyes and are unbiased. They will not be afraid to give you their honest opinion. They are an outside person who is not involved with the day to day company politics. A marketing firm works with many different types of companies. They are not just working with lawn care or roofing companies so they know how to adapt creatively and keep up with the trends. The firm will be focused on marketing your business and helping you reach your sales goals.

A marketing firm will also help save you time and energy. Just think about all the time you will save just in the hiring process. Between posting on job boards, writing up the job description, to interviewing potential employees not just once but twice and sometimes three times. Now let's think about training them on your procedures and policies all this takes time and effort.

Outsourcing your marketing needs will help cut out almost all of that process. Which will free up your time. Your marketing firm will specialize in what your particular business needs. They will also customize your marketing, marketing is not a one size fits all thing. It has to fit your company. You can not market your hair salon like you would market a plumbing company.

Hiring an outsourced marketing firm will also eliminate turn over within your business. Nothing kills a company's reputation like high turnover. When an employee leaves a company, the employees who don't leave will talk, and the entire atmosphere of the business will suffer. Marketing is one of the most important things for your business.

Being consistent with your company is very important to your customers. When you have an outside marketing group the benefits are in abundance. No matter what is happening inside your office, your marketing will stay on track. This is because your marketing team is not involved with the day to day drama that happens. Don't get me wrong they need to know the day to day operations but because they are not in the middle of it they can strictly focus on your marketing plan.

Vacation time is upon us when you have in house marketers your marketing becomes affected when they go on vacation. Outside marketers will market your work even when your staff is on vacation. They have plenty of people who will be working on your project even if one of them is on vacation your marketing will not suffer. Your needs will be taken care of no matter what is going on.

When you are working in an office your co-workers become your friends or as I like to say work-family. So I am sure you are probably wondering what does this have to do with marketing. Well it has a lot to do with it. DISTRACTION. People need human interaction it is a proven fact. Now with that being said this type of interaction in an office atmosphere can be very distracting. A marketing team needs to be focused, now do they get distracted yes but 99% of the time they are talking about SEO or google analytics. Put a marketer in room with the receptionist and a sales rep and guess what, they are not talking about the latest social media network, trending hashtags or what the latest Seo techniques are.

All and all it is the best thing for your company. Outsourcing is cheaper, less time consuming, vacations won't matter, and things will get done. Think about how much time you can actually spend doing the things you love and not worrying about how your marketing is going.

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