Why focus on online reviews?

Why focus on online reviews?

y focus on online reviews?

As business owners we have to look at the fact that with our online presence comes good and bad. If you have a few seasons under your belt I am sure you have had at least one customer complain or even write a bad review. As we grow so do possible upset customers. As a business you can never make 100% of people happy and our first job is to understand this. As a business person who literately has tried every cancel save attempt possible, i've learned there are some customers you cannot save and others you just do not want to save! 

How often should I check my online reviews?

We suggest checking your online reviews every two weeks. As people often post when you least expect it you are better off to be ahead of the game. Tuning into you Yelp, Home Adviser, Porch, Yellow Pages, Facebook and Google on a bi weekly basics is essential! 

What do I do when I get a new negative review?

We always suggest reaching out to the upset customer. If you reach out to the customer and can resolve the complaint that is great! If you cannot find a solution that works for both parties or you run into the crazy customer we all fear, responding appropriately is key! A simple ok or arguing on the post will only result in you and your business looking bad. I would highly suggest against this! 

What if I have a ton of Negative reviews and I feel stuck?

If you have ton's of negative reviews on your business you need to be doing more than just reading a blog. You need to find the issue within your company wither it is customer service, or service in general. There has to be a main cause of the issues and you need to find this first. Secondly working out a program within your company to gain positive reviews, while reaching out to previously upset customers would be a great start for your business! 

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