Why Does My Business Need a Website

Why Does My Business Need a Website

Why Does My Business Need a Website

In the world we live, in technology is all around us. When it comes to our small businesses the key to get exposure is having a great website. The days of picking up a yellow pages and finding a plumber, or landscaper are almost gone. The fastest way to find what business or service you are looking for is on the internet. If businesses want to keep up with the ever changing world we live in today then they definitely need a website and social media accounts. Most marketing is done via the internet.

Unfortunately even if you have a great store front, and your customers have had wonderful things to say about you without a website you will not look credible.

Did you know that 48% of people determine if a company is  credibile by their website. If your website is outdated and or put together poorly they will shy away from your business. There are 3.6 billion internet users and 81% of shoppers do their research online. With that being said I am going go over 4 very good points on why your website needs to be done properly and managed the correct way.

Your website offers a different way for people to find you. While you may be used to using direct mailers, magazine articles, and live networking, when you have a website you can reach billions of people who look for products and services everyday. With more and more people having smartphones they can google or search what they are looking for the minute they think of it.

The other great thing about your website is that it can be your business when you are closed or on vacation. Your website is always open and even at 2am someone can find you. Your website can also be your lead generator to help you get more sales. More sales means more revenue.

Marketing via your website is one of the easiest ways to get your name out there. With the right company you can receive SEO (search engine optimization) as well having social media monitoring to help build your following. Your website will help sell your business. However, your website needs to look professional and put together properly. Any old generic website will not benefit your business. Clean and professionally put together, and updated websites will actually deliver more profit versus one that looks like you threw it together. There are plenty of diy website companies, however without the knowledge of setting it up and running it, your site will fail.

One of the best things about company websites is that you actually meet the customer where they are. Your business will be right in the comfort of their home. They can be in the pajamas, drinking a cup of coffee and finding out about your business.  Not only is it convenient for the customer, it is a great way for your business make more money.

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