Why Do I Need Social Media Marketing?

Why Do I Need Social Media Marketing?

The question answers itself with only a small amount of research. Social media has quickly eclipsed the effectiveness of outdated print advertisements. The ability to reach customers at a national level allows expansion possibilities that were previously impossible without massive amounts of capital. With dozens of social media platforms available, spreading your brand throughout will ensure you receive the maximum amount of exposure possible. There are a number of huge changes likely to take place this year. We at Lawn Care Marketing Success have the means and knowledge to utilize all of them.

The improvements to augmented reality will have a huge impact on certain platforms of social media. Filters allowing people to see prospective landscaping or turf work are absolutely conceivable. Over 200 million people use Instagram stories each month. Considering Instagram is essentially still in its infancy, it’s entirely possible that up to half to its registered users will be doing the same by the end of the year.Over 90 percent of marketers who employ an influencer marketing strategy believe it is successful. Companies like North Face, Hubspot and Rolex use social media–based influencer marketing strategies to connect with new audiences and improve engagement with existing audiences. This year we saw that brands that opted for traditional advertising strategies struggled to connect to social media users. Next year, it is likely that more brands will embrace influencer marketing as a way to connect with audiences who tend to ignore traditional strategies.

"A recent study conducted by Goldman Sachs concluded that Generation Z was more valuable to most organizations than millennial's."

Today, the oldest Gen Zers are 22 years old. They are just beginning to enter the labor force, and will have increased buying power for some time. Brands will begin to recognize this, and will shift their social media strategies accordingly. Expect great investment in platforms loved by Gen Zers like Snapchat and Instagram. Over 2.5 billion people use messaging platforms globally, and yet brands are still primarily focused on connecting with consumers on pure social networks. In 2018, expect brands to invest more time and money in connecting with consumers on messaging platforms. Artificial intelligence, voice assistants and chatbots will enable brands to offer personalized shopping experiences on messaging platforms like Messenger, WhatsApp and Kik.

Twitter has failed to grow followers significantly in 2017. In fact, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram all have more social media followers. This year, Twitter also lost access to streaming NFL games (Amazon won the rights). In 2018, it is likely that Twitter leadership will aim to rethink how the platform operates. Possible changes to Twitter include selling the company to private investors, changing the platform to include some subscription element and/or revamping Twitter advertising options, which have fallen behind other platforms. While still viable for some marketing purposes, it’s advisable that prospective clients utilize the other, quickly expanding forms of social media.

We take marketing very seriously here at LCMS. We have a system that has provided positive results on a consistent basis for years. I’ll refrain from giving away all of our secrets. But, if you want to see your business expand and your customer base grow, we have the tools. Check in later this week for information on how email campaigns can bring in additional income, as well as proactively keeping customers satisfied.

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