What Makes a Real Difference in My Lawn Care Marketing Materials?

What Makes a Real Difference in My Lawn Care Marketing Materials?

What Makes a Real Difference in My Lawn Care Marketing Materials?

Have you ever felt yourself wondering what makes a real difference in my lawn care marketing materials?As someone who has literally marketed to every state in the United States and also in dozens of other nations I have learned 1 thing... People are freaking weird. That statement may have thrown you off but the fact of the matter is that tons of people all over the planet have gone viral, run a killer sales campaign, or maybe developed a mass social following.

What does this have to do with your marketing materials you're probably wondering at this point. Well they all have something their followers are seeking and they all provide a fulfillment much needed by their followers.

So when it comes to what actually makes a difference in your marketing materials STOP and think. What is it that I want to do? Well obviously since you're reading this you have something you would like to sell. Have it be a product or service this is a priority on your mind. Remove those emotions for just 30 seconds. What are my customers seeking? How would I want them to find my website? What do I want about my business to draw in views? These are all questions you need to ask yourself.

Defining a Target Market

When you take the time to answer the questions above, now you can move on to defining the market you are targeting. If you can define this market by a few parameters.

Below you will find a sample target market we have created to give you an example of what you should think about. It breaks down segments we often look at when helping small, midsize and large business.

Target Market Sample:

Our targeted market is as follows. We are targeting Male and Female homeowners 35-65 whos household income is $150,000 a year or more with a home valued at $350,000 or more. Our target would be in a management level or higher in their work environment and would not have time to complete lawn tasks during the week.

This would be our targeted market and we would then develop our content around these parameters and over a period of time your results will increase as you become more experienced. Utilizing a targeted marketing approach you should see some great results!

Marketing Statistice That Should Make You Think

Marketing Statistice That Should Make You Think

  • 72% of marketers agree that relevancy is the single biggest factor for better SEO. Experts agree that writing for search terms rather than simply incorporating them into the content is pivotal for traffic.

  • People Prefer Email For Business there are so many businesses alive in the world that dealing with most through email is very convenient (and nearly necessary). Seventy two percent of consumers prefer to interact with business through their inbox. Checking email is, for most people, a passive act they can perform while they do something else, not something fully engaging. Communication through email is a common method both for business-to-business and business-to-consumer interactions, so businesses would be wise to discover how to connect with the businesses and consumers who can help them grow.

  • Segmented campaigns get more clicks people don’t pay much attention while browsing the inbox, especially if they don’t see anything that concerns them. Businesses must acknowledge that the demographics of the audience will affect what is opened and what is clicked, what is useful to the reader. Those who market to the right audiences by segmenting their email list experience almost thirty percent higher open rates and half more clicks than unsegmented campaigns. By offering different products and services (or different ways of delivering those products and services) businesses can increase open rates and click rates and decrease unsubscribing.

  • 8 in 10 email users will likely check their email accounts via smartphones. This is a huge opportunity for you. Most people, if not all, are equipped with smartphones these days where they can access every social media account including their email accounts, which makes it so easy to check it. Going mobile with email is a huge trend in 2018 and you should not take it for granted. It has completely overtaken desktop computers, that even Google encourages site owners to create a mobile version of their sites in order to rank well in SERPs. It is your duty as a marketer to make your emails mobile-friendly. Make it brief but informative, and make sure the font is big and clear enough to read. Smaller images will also decrease load times and make sure to use a single column template.

  • Remember that how people receive information is always changing. Make sure your marketing strategy keeps up.

  • Cisco has projected that more than 80% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2021. 

  • Why it’s relevant: Users are using video more - so they’ll expect to see it on every site they visit, including yours! Video helps people stay on sites longer and stay more engaged. So use it!

  • 56% of companies currently use an email marketing provider and are 75% or more likely to be purchasers of marketing automation software over the next year.

  • Marketers or business owners who document strategy are 538% more likely to report success than those who don’t.

  • Marketers who set goals are 429% more likely to report success than those who don’t. And 81% of those successful, goal-setting marketers achieve them.

  • Successful marketers are 242% more likely to report conducting audience research at least once per quarter. And 56% of our study’s most elite marketers conduct research once or more per month.

I hope this helped you on your quest to creat some amazing lawn care marketing content! Stop back and check out our blog as we update daily with new information for the lawn care industry!









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