What is the key to lawn care marketing?

What is the key to lawn care marketing?

What is the key to lawn care marketing?

This is a question I often find myself asking and in all reality, it's a dumb one even for me. Lawn care marketing isn't spending $30,000 on Google or Money Mailer. It's also not hiring some generalized marketing firm to hopefully get a half-hearted return for your investment. Lawn care marketing has no one defined key whatsoever and the quicker we grasp that concept, the better off we are. Properly putting your business in front of the audience that is likely to purchase your products and services is the end goal right? So why cut yourself short of any avenue to reach your goals?

As a lawn care business owner, you have to think about a lot of things affecting your business and to be honest marketing is not the first step. I always evaluate operations first before anything else. If your service and or operations are not up to par you could have damage over time from reviews and customers reporting sites. If this is an issue you first want to take the time to fix these issues. Once you have them resolved your growth and trust factor will be much better off.

Secondly, you want to look at your customer service and billing. Yes, we all think we have the best and that right off bat is the worst thought process to have. Almost every lawn care company has billing issues and could use improvement somewhere with their customer service. It is essential that you take this into account when conducting an evaluation on your company to structure an new marketing plan goals and efforts. Once you have a plan and common goal in place, backed by great service we can set up the marketing efforts!

Once you move into your marketing this is an even faster topic. A lot depends on a few factors, demographics, market value, competitors, route density, and budget. You need to know the answer to each list item. Once you have this done you can move onto planning your marketing channels. The best way to do so is to pick your most effective channels and then focus on driving down CPA or cost per acquisition. This will help you save money and be on the best path to success in your marketing.

Though with a careful and precise process you can succeed. I will not say this is a key to success in lawn care marketing. Truly, we can always better our business and follow best practices, but there will never be just 1 key to success, you must work on all sides of your business to provide a quality service!

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