What is SEO?

What is SEO?

What is SEO?

Well in a short term, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Webmasters and content crawlers first started cataloging in the early 90's. As time passed as all technology does so did SEO. As website owners began to realize the revenue potential more and more business owners wanted to learn about SEO

Our common Search Engine Optimization is based on an algorithm that Google just changed again this spring. This Algorithm allows the search engine to provide it's viewers with the most relevant and up to date content for their search criteria! How does this work you ask? Well Google, Yahoo, and Bing all have different ways to make this work right but by far Google is the most important to work with. Below is a chart on what google looks at for ranking your website!

On Page Optimization Factors and Page Content:

On page optimization and Page Content are key when setting up your website and any online landing pages for that matter. The way your content is broken down and reads back to the search engines crawlers is essential. Having proper images, content, tags, and more can make or break your lawn care business online with the way Google is working today in 2018! 

Site Wide Trust, Authority, Optimization:

Site wide trust is the amount of trust your site has built with Google. This trust is built through frequent great user experiences. Authority is a big term for the amount of respect your website has built through age, backlinks, and site traffic. Optimization is simply ensuring your on page SEO is done properly and that all content and images have proper tags and keywords. 

Quality and Quantity of Page Specific Backlinks:

First of all you are probably wondering what a backlink is right? A backlink is a link on another website leading back to your website. When you have quality backlinks meaning well rated and highly trafficked sites have a link on their site to your site it is great for your page rankings.

Anchor Text of Backlink Profile:

Anchor Text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. In modern browsers, it is often blue and underlined. The anchor text of the backlink profile is the text on the website with the link leading to your site. This can effect your page rankings so be sure if you ask for a backlink and or pay for one that your site is listed properly with the right keywords! 

Social Graph Metrics:

This is the measure of your reach, relevance and traffic on social media. So this just goes to show that social media is both important and relevant to small business owners! You must maintain social relevance. 

Traffic and Click Through Data:

This is the measure of your website traffic as well as your click through data. Your regular traffic and those who click through to links on your website. The longer viewers stay on your website. The more likely you will be to have 

Registration, Hosting, and Performance Date:

 Registration is how your website is registered. Is it private, or public? Hosting is where your site is hosted. In our current marketing there are a ton of cost effective solutions for hosting that are great for seo such as WordPress, Wix and Godaddy. Performance data is the dat on how your site is performing on Google against others in your area with the same services, keywords etc. 

This is a basic breakdown of what SEO is and a brief history! To learn more stay tuned into our blog and YouTube Channel! We will bring you more week after week! 

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