What is a CRM and how do I choose the right one for my lawn care or landscaping business?

A CRM streamlines multiple process within your business and they increase your profitability if properly used. In the lawn care industry there are multiple CRM'S .that can be of many values to your company. To name the top 3 in my opinion there is Real Green's "Service Assistant", Service Autopilot, and Yardbook. Each of these can be useful depending on the tasks you are looking to complete. Below we will break down and compare each service and rank them on a list of target item!

We have also listed a few new CRM'S we have found over the past few weeks in hopes they as well help you to best choose a great CRM for your business!

Real Green's Service Assistant

Real Green Systems Lawn Care CRM

Real Green is one of the longest standing lawn care CRM'S in the world. With decades on their competetiors their system is a great solution for weed control and pest control business onwers. With a new CEO and the company now gearing twoards other services as well they are by far our #! choice for small business crm's.

6 Great Features

App to EstimateQuickly

Dispatch or RouteMobile

Get Referrals and Leads

Track Fleet and Maintenance

Automate Marketing and Prepay Letters

Provide Customer Account Access

Cost: $450 - $1500 per month

Service Autopilot

Service Autopilot Lawn Care CRM

Service Autopiolet is a popular newer CRM with about 10 years under their belt. If you are new to the industry or your business provides muiltiple services this may be your best option. They offer a reall great cost effective solution for business with great automations, billing options and routing.

6 Great Features:

Email and upsell to more clients

Capture leads and new clients from the map

Find and fix the “profit holes” in your company with full business Reports

Keep your client history all in one place

See all of your clients’ jobs, quotes, and invoices

Track calls from clients and leads, and easily store notes about each call

Cost: $450 - $1500 per month



Yardbook is a great FREE starter CRM for any size business with a top quality feel for FREE if your brand new it cannot be beat. I always suggest this solution to first time business owners or owners whom have never used a CRM. It offers a lot of great features and the best part it's FREE!

6 Great Features

Customer Management

Jobs & Scheduling





Cost $FREE


Arbor Gold

Arbor Gold is a new solution to the lawn care industry and they seem to have a pretty great knack for building software that works! On our brief overview we have been able to see exactly what these guys have to offer and we really feel they are above par with their software! Worth a consultation!

6 Great Features


Bids or Estimates

Dynamic Proposal

CAD Drawing Tool

Proposal Follow-Up

Automate Renewals

Cost: $179.00 Monthly

Learn More:


Single OPS

Though we are very unsure of the usefulness of this software we do plan to do a lot more investigating. Single OPS is another recent release for the lawn industry that offers afforidable pricing but the software seems to be in the beginning stages. May be worth while but it does seem in the building process.

6 Great Features



Scheduling & Routing

Job Management

Mobile Access

Work Orders

Cost: Starts at $300.00 a month for 3 users

Learn More:


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