TruGreen acquires Lawn Dawg

TruGreen acquires Lawn Dawg

TruGreen acquires Lawn Dawg

Today it has officially announced that TruGreen has acquired Lawn Dawg today. A company with 10 branches, with its headquarters based in Nashua, N.H. In 2016 they were named Landscape Management's 127th most valuable company in 2016 coming in with a 7% revenue growth and raking in $12.5 Million dollars in revenue. This information was announced earlier today by Amy Simpson a spokesperson for TruGreen. This is one of many recent acquisitions by what is now the worlds largest lawn care company.

TruGreen Acquired Turf Masters a $5 million dollar company earlier this season. They also acquired Scotts Lawn Care in 2016 in a $200 million dollar transaction. The company estimated at $1.3 Billion dollars last year in 2016 has been working to gain more power in the industry!

David Alexander the company's CEO is headed in the direction of a $1.5 Billion business if he continues on his path. This is a far reach from only 4 years ago when Service Masters CEO Robert Gillette removed TruGreen from Service Masters portfolio. At the time TruGreen had posted a production income of $27 Million and the company had posted losses of $686 million dollars. This is a Now four years later the business seems to be doing nothing but better. 

This progression in acquisitions can only leave us wondering what is in store for the future. It is well known that TruGreen has no plans of slowing their growth anytime soon. 

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