TruGreen Acquired HighPoint Lawn Care in the Fall and then lost 1000’s of Customers Data.

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

By:Brandon Harris

Trugreen has acquired yet another large company in the midwest HighPoint. Also known as New York Lawn Care, HighPoint was sold last fall for an estimated $6.5 million dollars. The business having locations in Stow, Ohio as well as 3 New York locations made headlines in September. This came about when a TruGreen truck carrying customer information in boxes left thousands of people's personal information at risk. It seems that TruGreen is again growing at a rapid pace and sadly showing even less concern for their customers.

TruGreen released a statement soon after the incident “While transferring lawn care service agreements to our branch location following a recent acquisition, a box containing a small portion of the agreements fell off the vehicle. We are grateful for the other drivers who let us know of the incident, and we immediately deployed a team who were able to clean up nearly all documents. We are working actively with local authorities as they clean up any remaining documentation. Once we review the collected documents, we will have a better understanding of which customers might have been impacted. We are very sorry this incident occurred, and want our new customers to know that we are doing everything in our power to limit any potential impact and will work with them going forward to address any concerns they may have.” It seemed almost like clock work with corporate as they again put out a statement to cover their tail.

They had a quick response but the question still lingers, how do I not end up with TruGreen as a lawn care provider in today's world? With more and more small business being acquired it's best said that TruGreen has had its struggles. Under new president John Cowles we will see if he changes what David Alexander had planned for the company. So far John has had to deal with customer information leaks and more.

Now worth an estimated $1.7 Billion dollars, Trugreen has been on a rapid growth pace since the Scott’s buyout out in 2016 leaving Scott's with $200 Million in cash , 30% of TruGreen and 2 board seats. We will continue to follow TruGreen for the consumers and small business owner and keep you updated.


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