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Now we all have heard the big scary term SEO right? If not SEO stands for search engine optimization. Yes, that is a long one, but it basically means manipulating the search engine to list your website in better and or more placements. We all want our site, blog, or social media page to be seen more right? Well, guess what these keywords are one of the most important things to us. Keywords control the internet believe it or not. It really does not matter which field you are in Keywords control the ball field.

As a business owner, blogger, or social lite unless you're that one in a million, you must put forth the effort to get the results we all want. The business now days offers positions some paying well over $100,000 a year for someone to do just that.A lot of people and business wish to be first on the internet. To be seen, called or sited first is huge. It takes more work and effort than most can understand. If you have ever taken a website to a top ranked spot you know exactly what I am talking about. I have worked thousands of hours over years to develop my rankings. This is not a joke, nor a laughing matter. Building a rank via Keywords is hard work!

Keyword tricks are available. You just have to first have the basics and then secondly know how to use them to help you succeed. Keywords or phrases are often descriptive words or title words. keeping a clean and consistent system of keywords and phrases can definitely help make a difference. If you use precise keywords and phrases you can quickly and easily gain a website or blog traffic amount that you will be proud of sharing. My blog is currently receiving 23,000 hits a day. What you ask do I blog about? Music. Well, that is my hobby blog. I started it as a hobby and still only blog 3 days a week. I didn't spend thousands on marketing. I instead decided to do what I had learned over time. I watched hundreds of youtube videos, read others blogs and followed famous bloggers for years, then I put my own ideas into making this a reality. Keywords were a huge part of making my blog succeed. I learned that I could compete for KEYWORDS and I dove in. The thought that I myself could capture a certain word on the internet was intriguing to me. I found the use of key words amazing. Using nifty tricks can always help you advance your keyword search. One of the main tricks I use is keywording everything the same. I find a keyword that I wish to use, and then I use it on all of my tags. From basic keywords to keywords in my photos and when I am creating content. I have found that over a few week period If I over use one word and do so more than my competitors I can overcome any keyword domination. As long as what I am keywording is relevant and consistent I can own a word at this point.

The Big Keyword Question

One of the biggest questions we all must ask is what relevance does the keyword we are choosing hold to our website. If we use proper keywords, they will bring the right traffic our way. Using the wrong ones can also have an adverse effect. If you are not careful, a keyword can do as much damage as good. for instance say you are using a word such as photo lens, but what you're actually selling is a photo lens kit. You may lose a good sale, or 20. By describing what you are selling to a t will help you to sell more efficiently than using unnecessary keywords. I would much more likely recommend the following


<title>Baseball Gear </title>

<meta name="description" content="Top of the line baseball gear at as much as 50% off, gloves, mits, hats, bats you name it we have it all at">

<meta http-equiv="baseball gear" content="text/html;charset=UTF-8">


Using the keyword properly can build you an arsenal of followers. Building and developing a team of followers is a hard to do thing, but keywords will help if done properly. Defining the content you are posting is a major plus. Developing 3 strong keywords that pack a punch and using them as a back up to quality content, and a strong social media presence can develop a great ability to gain mass traffic. Mass traffic can only be useful if you as the developer or social media giant know how to use it. Using the traffic gained from keywords is difficult but can be done if you take the time to learn what all you can do with it!

Keyword research can be done simply by using Google Adwords. Linking into Google Adsense can build you a key word plan. Google ranks keywords so you can see exactly how many people they hit and how they work. Using pre existing keywords that reach a lot of people is a great starting point. Building a list of essential Keywords is important for your success in Social Media. Using social media can be extremely hard unless you have the right keys.

As we develop our site, blogs, or social media pages we will come across harder and harder tasks. Some keywords may even be used in a hash tag on our social sites. Hash tagging a word can also be extremely useful. If you're a metal band and you use the keywords Metal music, the next time you post a photo hashtag it #metalmusic. This will help viewers looking up that term to find you. A hashtag is simply a keyword associated with something you have going on with your social media page. You can use a hashtag to describe something in your photo or as a keyword to link viewers to your site.

There are various sites you can use to find the most prominent keywords for your field. A way I like to use is the simple look it up and see what is reaches. Nothing fancy, I just log onto Adsense and see where my keywords are rated. If they are rated high enough, I then use them for my site. I have always found that a bit of simple research into what you are doing can pay off tremendously!

Keywords are easy to build on as long as the keywords you are using are solid. Once you have chosen the proper keywords we are capable of building off of them. Don't be angry if you have to beta test your keywords a few times! It's normal for up to 3 months of trials to get a proper keyword log. Using the beta testing capabilities we have can test multiple Keywords in 6-week increments. Allowing 6 weeks is usually a good amount of time to sync Keywords and see what type of traffic they are bringing.

Long Tail Keywords:

When using multiple words in one keyword such as ( Pipe Fitter in Chicago) this is considered a long tail keyword. Developing these long tail keywords can take and a bit of research If you're a paper company in Denver and you want to dominate 90 pds white 81/2 x 11 stock, you want to know who else is competing with you. Once you have a grasp of who pops up under your keywords you can better plan for how you are going to use certain keywords to your benefit!

If we were to build a steady stream of revenue over time at little cost, this would be our online outlet. No this will not replace marketing, but it will help gain you a lot of traffic over time! If you think about long tail keywords as a special leads vault you will find yourself practicing the

Necessary steps in no time, and with consistency we will be developing a long term nest egg for your business. This month in July of 2015 I received 250 leads just from my long tail keywords. It took me a while to build up to that but I did and it works!

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