Spring Marketing for Lawn and Landscaping business is Essential and Here is Why:

Spring Marketing for Lawn and Landscaping business is Essential and Here is Why:

When spring is right upon us and it's time to move you must think about the who, why and how your marketing your lawn care business. As business owners we have a responsibility to grow. No matter if we do $13 million a year or $50,000. Growth is essential to building our business. From small mom and pop companies to corporate giants marketing is the key to growth.

With Covid-19 really effecting the way we all do business this spring we must more now than ever plan for a solid 2020 with our advertising and marketing. If we do not we will be taking a loss and or failure for the 2020 season.

Why is marketing my lawn and landscape business more dire than ever before?

In recent week's we have seen states, city's, towns and villages all but shut down. The climate for business has changed because its a 50/50 chance your local government finds lawn and landscaping to be an essential service. This being said you can market long term either way with a package deal based on the shelter in place order if you have one, or based on the scare overall if your state is still functional. Below we will give you 5 Covid-19 marketing tips.

1. Market smart and personal

Market your business smart and personal. With Covids-19 on the rise you will need to sell your business more so now than ever. Make your marketing targeted and focused on the customers needs. Also ensure you focus on the fact that things are tough. A sales line such as " During tough times, savings are nice. Get your lawn care package today for $XYZ may set you apart".

2. Find A Cause and Solution

Find a cause AKA a rough spring and or Covid-19. Then provide your customers a solution to their issue. The solution being your services and how you providing services can help. I would market things such as pest control " Stop the bite of Covid-19, protect your family with our top of the line pest control today" and or " Let us worry about the lawn, stay in whith the family and avoid the chance".

3. Build A Plan Now

Build a plan now and be prepared for changes in the 2020 lawn and landscaping season. Though the government dropped a $2 Trillion dollar plan that wont last long and we as business owners need to be ready for hard times. I would suggest filing for an SBA loan and getting paperwork ready for long term change. Though this may be done by June the effects will last 3-5 years.

4. Take Advantage of Online Marketing

Take control of your marketing and be sure your taking advantage of online options. Online marketing can surly ensure you more new clients and prepay clients for 2020. Develop a plan based around Google, Facebook and email campaigns early. This will help to lead you to success in 2020 with your online marketing despite Covid-19.

5. Build Locally Don;t Try To Scale To Far This Season

One of the biggest red flags we have seen this season is people trying to scale to far. Homeowners who still are willing to purchase services want to know your local. This dosen't mean 30 minutes away this means local as in 10 minutes or less. I know for some of you this is a joke. Hell for me this is not a normal practice. But with the current climate across the nation and world it is a fact that a consumer is 66% more likely to sign up with a very local service due to the fear a distant service will not make it to their home due to Covid-19. Keep this in mind.

All in all 2020 is going to be a hard to deal with season, but if we keep on top of it we can and will still succeed. Stay safe and focused on your goals!

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