Spring Is Here - Get In Gear With Your Lawn Care Marketing

6 Spring Marketing Tips

Spring is here get in gear with your lawn care marketing today by checking these 6 ways to prepare for your spring lawn care marketing launch.

1. Total Review

Ok we all know what type of season we had last year. Either it went well, even or bad. What you do this season to make that better is simply a full review of last season. Look at your marketing cost and what you paid per lead, look at your return clients, cancels and what the average dollar amount each customer brings to the table. This will give you a real scope of where your business is at and we will use this in step 2 as well.

2. Compare and Compete

90% of the time we are looking at our competitors for what to do and how to do it. Though having a large successful company to model your business after you need to quit giving a damn about every Tom, Dick and Harry. The more time you focus on what works for you, the more successful you will become. Use the chart from tip #1 and compare your goals from last season to this season, and be competitive with yourself. At minimum set a 15% increase as a goal as long as your production is prepared for the growth. If not tip 3 will help you get there.

3. Production evaluation and Planning

Plan your production wisely. Do not over work yourself or your staff it can kill your business. I know, we all spend a ton of time on our business. I am truly guilty of this myself. But as business owners we need rest and so does our team. Set goals and limits per truck if you do not already have them. Plan for success but also know your limitations. If you have 2 trucks and 2 employees and 3000 customers its probably time to bring in another team member and truck. Just keep this step in mind. To often great business collapse from poor planning.

4. Content,content do not forget the content

It's 2019 and content marketing is key to success. Having great content is a sure way to engage users online, via mail, text or even face to face sales. When it comes time to developing your content it must be great! From ads to informative educational materials content development is essential for your business. Having well placed content not only helps you brand but can also help with your websites SEO as well!

5. Spring Campaign / Planning

Having a great spring plan is essential. Developing campaigns focused on individual services is a great way to keep track of everything you have going on. It also allows you to measure success! Be sure you take the time to create a plan. Be sure to involve as many avenues as you can for your marketing and sales as well. This will truly help you and your business in the long run!

6. Check Your Reputation

Check your online reputation and be sure it is in good shape. Nothing feels worse than loosing a sale to a bad review. Yes some people are just impossible to please and you will from time to time get negative feedback. We all have had that 1 customer that makes us re think our profession but keep an eye on it. If you have an unusual amount of bad reviews this can be a RED FLAG that something is not going right. If you have this issue it's best to work on reputation managment before marketing.

I really hope this was a able to help you! If you would like a FREE estimate from our team for your marketing needs please reach out today!

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