Set Yourself Apart With Lawn Care Marketing

Set Yourself Apart With Lawn Care Marketing

Set Yourself Apart With Lawn Care Marketing

Set yourself apart with lawn care marketing. If you follow others constantly you will either fail or have very limited success. Yes watching the big guy's do it is great. With any luck, you can copy a massive company and have limited success. To truly succeed you must handcraft and introduce a marketing plan that gives you exactly what you need for your company.

As business owners, we often think of exactly what it is we need to do to succeed, and if your like me you will begin to research and look for answers. If you did $300,000 last year, you may want to do $500,000 this year. That is a reasonable enough goal depending on your capabilities and preparedness.

If you are ready to do this, develop a plan for your team and your needs. If you need more Tree and Shrub customers and less Lawn Care Customers, plan for that. Always keep in mind that you are the one behind the marketing. If you cannot do it or just don't have the time, reach out to an industry specific team and be sure to get help. Below we will list the 5 things to remember when lawn care marketing.

1.)  Don't Get Raked

There are massive companies out there that often have thousands of clients, do not allow yourself to get sucked into poor marketing platforms. Be sure if you use a professional that they can meet and exceed your needs. Be sure they have a knowledge of the industry. If something seems off request more information.

2.)  Always Beta test

Always be sure you beta test any and all campaigns. This will give you a rough idea on how to make necessary changes for your success.

3.) Run Specials

Be sure you run specials for your customers. Anything from a basic discount, to a special offer for seasonal services or other services. These specials allow

4.) Cheap Doesn't Always work.

There are a million cheap marketing teams on the market. Our mind is more often than not focused in 1.000,000 places but allowing our marketing team to come cheap and easy si not the answer. A good marketing team will have references and a plan. If the team your are working with jumps right to a dollar amount, they are more than likely failing right off the bat. Find someone in your budget, but who is willing to work and focus on your goals and plans.

5.) Route Density 

I am tired fo the concept that we are just fine. That to be honest, is a joke. If your routes are all over the place sorry but 9 times out of 10 your not set into place correctly. You need to localize and sell where you are, Going outside of your routes will lead to longer and less productive days.  Try and build sales campaigns around your target market!

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