No One Interacts With me on Facebook

I know you all have been there, you think you have a great Facebook post and no one like or comments on it. Well it happens to the best of us, unless you know how to use Facebook and know what you are doing, this can happen quite a lot. If you are struggling with this, you are not alone. Many great companies have this problem so don't feel bad. It's not you, its Facebook. I found that certain posts will help to engage your followers. If you have read my Twitter blog you know you have to know your followers.  You should know what they like and what are they interested in. Without this knowledge you are posting for no reason but to post. Getting your followers to engage and interact with you isn't as hard as you think. All it takes is know what you are doing. One of my favorite things to post are questions. Basically ask your fans or followers to post a pic of them with your product or service. Not only are you getting interaction but you are getting free advertisement. Focus on the service you offer or the season. This means if you are a lawn care or landscaping company ask your customers to post a picture of them showing off their lawns or new landscaping. This will help get your quality of work out there for other followers to see.  Hold a caption contest. Take random picture it could be of anything as long as it pertains to your company. Then post that picture and tell your followers to write the best caption. Whoever writes the best caption will receive a prize. This can be as simple as a shirt with your company’s name on it. Not only will this engage your followers but you are getting free advertisement whenever they were your shirt. Even a cheap bottle of wine will work.   Go on other company’s pages and like their page. This will show you are not only a business owner but you help support other small businesses. This does two things. It draws people to your page as well as making your company’s image look good.  Being supportive to fellow business owners shows good character and can very well help with referrals. These other followers see you liked or commented on another company’s page they will then check our your page.   Conducting polls are also a good way to engage your customers. You can make a poll about anything. If you are a pizza joint for instance do a poll what is better Chicago style pizza or New York style pizza.  Anything to help engage your followers. Once your followers vote thank them personally. Tag them in a comment and say thank you for your input or whatever. People believe it or not love when people tag them. They feel all special and stuff.  Post a fill in the blank. Have a picture or a meme with something like “My favorite vacation was when we traveled to___________________. This always gets people posting especially if you post it with a fun picture or meme. Make sure to respond to the comments or like them. The more you interact with your followers the more they will interact with you. The one thing I cannot stress enough is don't come off spammy. Spammy posts are the sleaze balls of facebook.  Don't always try to sell your followers something. If all your posts are about trying to get your followers to buy something I can almost guarantee that you will lose followers. I personally always post at least 3 times a day. One post expressing your personality (an engaging post), an educational post and a post about what sales you have going on. If you post more than one post about selling on your page you will be labeled as a spam company and future customers will be turned off from your business.  If you take anything from this blog I hope it is to mix up your posts. Keep the posts changing and dont always be so serious. A little fun can actually go along way. Interact with your followers and make them want to see your page. 

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