Midwest Coldsnap and What It Means

Midwest Coldsnap and What It Means

Spring has decidedly not sprung in the US, where a cold snap in the Midwest and Northeast is set to break records for April weather.The upper Midwest was blasted with cold air on Thursday, where temperatures dropped into the teens and lower, according to the National Weather Service. Cities such as St Cloud, Minnesota and Madison, Wisconsin saw daily record lows, with temperatures in St Cloud reaching as low as 0F(-18C).

The detrimental effects of this weather will resonate throughout the region. Dormant seedings will see significantly reduced effectiveness. Initial fertilizer or pre emergent applications will likely see little to no improvement. Watering in applications on cold days is as enjoyable as it is effective.

There is, however, a possible positive. With the early season cold snap much of the lawn will remain dormant. This allows more time for the soil temperature to reach optimal temperature. In particular, optimal temperature for pre emergent weed control.

In conclusion, accept that some of your lawn care applications in the midwest area will come a bit later than normal. This is the best interests of the long term health of your turf. Expect your lawn to remain dormant (yellow) later in the season then normal. In a best case scenario, this will mean a shorter dry season. Allowing you lawn to proper and grow even more than it typically could.

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