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Marketing with Pinterest can be quite daunting, especially if you have no clue on where to start. I’ve been there! I know the feeling! You want to grow your followers and grow the traffic to you small business via Pinterest. This form of social marketing is a great way to inform and educate your clients.

Optimize your profile with business keywords. The first thing you need to do is sit down and figure out the keywords you want associated with your business. For example your lawn care company some key words would be “lawn care”, “grass”, “fertilizer”, etc. Think about your perfect customer and what they will be searching Pinterest to lead them to you. Those are your keywords.

The other first step is setting up a Pinterest business account. You can either make your personal account your business account or you can start a new account from the bottom up. Don't forget to add a profile description using your keywords.

After setting up your business account you need to set Rich Pins. Rich Pins in a nutshell add extra details to pins from your website. Rich Pins tell Pinterest users what your post is all about before they click through to your website. There are 4 types of Rich Pins, articles, recipes, products, and app install. Now unless you are food blogger stick with article pins. You can also use Pinterest’s instructions on how to use Rich Pins.

Once you get your account setup now it's time to set up your boards. I know it can seem fun and tempting to use cute little names like “Lawn Fun” or “Landscaping Stuff, but don't do it!! The pins you add define your board as well as defining what your boards are about. Which means basically you want your board to consist of your keywords. Look back at your keyword list and start making boards using those terms. Don’t however start pinning just to pin. The first 50 pins that you have on your board should already be ranked on Pinterest for that board’s keywords. Basically how you are going to do this is go to the search bar and search your keywords and pin from there. That way Pinterest sees all of these pins that are ranked for your keywords and assume that is what your board is about.

Now you have an amazing perfectly keyworded profile, it's time to have fun pinning. As I'm pretty sure you are aware, eye catching pictures or graphics make click worthy pins. Take the time to make sure your pins are not only attractive but they pop out among the rest making prospective clients want to click on them. Here are some quick and easy tips for clickable pins, keep it simple, use noticeable colors, use big fonts, and use interesting photos. Also try to create your own pin style. People will remember your pins and gravitate towards if they are seeing them over and over again. With that being said if you don't see your pins being clicked you may want to change up your pin style.

When creating pins you must put a description I know it's not necessary but it's crucial to ranking high. For each pin think of specific keywords you want that pin to rank for. To write a description you need to use the keywords in a natural sounding way. Once you do this you will see your pins start to attract traffic to them.

Optimal Pinning Frequency is key to also driving traffic to your board. The minimum number of pins should be 15 a day. If you are an established business and you've been using pinterest, you can aim for 30 a day. Now if you are pinning too much you are not properly spreading out your pins and you start pinning the same thing twice in a day you need to try to wait a couple weeks before pinning it to the same board.Pinterest loves active pinners, but they will flag your account if they think you are too spammy.

Timimg your pins is also the key to success. Spread your pins out throughout the course of the day there are two reasons for this. One followers, your followers may only see your pin right away when you pin itso if you onlyt pin a a set time not all your followers will see your posts. Two Pinterest wants to see you engaging in your platform like a normal user. Being active however over multiple times a day will drastically help you reach your goals. I completely understand that some of us work 9-5 jobs but if you can fit this into your day to day schedule this will be imperative for your business.

Now a big question we get asked quite often is, how many of my own pins should i be pinning and how many of other’s pins should I be pinning. In all honestly no one really knows. When it comes to yours-to-others ratio your guess is as good as mine. It truly a big guessing game. In general you want to be pinning enough of other’s pins so Pinterest feels you are genuinely using the platform, and enough of your own content to be seen. I think a good ratio is 70/30. 7 of your own and 3 of others’. If you don't have enough pins to do this well you can start at a smaller ratio and work your way up. Just remember to to keep your pins spread out.

Figuring our Pinterest is never easy peasy. However, Pinterest is a great way to help market your business with the right strategy now how this can be an amazing way to grow your business.

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