Marketing in the 21st Century

Marketing in the 21st Century

Marketing in the 21st Century

The Difference Between Advertising and Marketing

The difference between advertising and marketing is often misunderstood. Many business owners and marketing professionals will often use the words interchangeably.

Although both have a vital role in promoting a company's products or services, each term is very different.

The difference between advertising and marketing is clearly visible when evaluating all aspects of marketing and the intricate role that advertising plays in a successful marketing campaign.

What is Marketing?

Marketing involves a range of activities, and not all aspects of marketing are considered advertising.

Marketing is the process of selling services and products from beginning to end.

It's the overall process of bringing about awareness to a specific product, service, or person. Marketing may include research, product development, selling strategies, pricing, advertising, public relations, and distribution. Marketing is usually geared toward a specific service or product, but it involves more than advertising.

What is Advertising?

Advertising is a form of marketing. Advertising allows the company to get the word out to existing and potential consumers. Advertising is used to persuade a specific audience to purchase a product or engage in a service. Advertising usually focuses on a single service or product.

The advertising of each service or product is unique. For example, advertising electronics is different from advertising clothes. Some very common ways of advertising a product or service often include but are not limited to the following: magazine ads, television commercials, brochures, flyers, emails, or cold calling.

A New Era of Marketing Has Evolved

The practice of marketing continues to evolve as technology expands. Many organizations are shifting away from the traditional methods of advertising and moving towards an empathetic marketing approach, by focusing more on the needs of the individual. Traditional advertising has been about forcing the message on the consumer. On the other hand, blogging offers a milder approach to getting the word out. Blogging is a good way to establish contact with existing and potential customers without a pushy sales message. It slowly draws in the consumer and solicits feedback.

Today's consumers want more than a forceful message. All too often, forceful messages are often interpreted as being non-trustworthy. Effective marketing often involves high-quality work. Because of the Internet age, individuals are more informed and educated. A successful approach to marketing must consider the wants and needs of the consumer. Successful advertising depends on a successful marketing campaign.

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