Let’s Rock Facebook Live!

Let's Rock Facebook Live

Have you ever tried to do a Facebook Live but no watches you? Have you thought about giving up lives?. Unfortunately Facebook keeps changing their algorithms. So it's hard to determine what will get your page noticed. Lately the only time I see certain pages is when they are going live.

Doing lives can be petrifying! I'm not crazy about doing them either but if I want to connect with my followers on a completely different level, doing live videos are the way to go. If you are worried or scared about going live then I recommend starting off small and working your way up.

You don't need to go live everyday. Going live once a week is a perfect way to get started and get used to doing this. Scheduling it for the same time every week is a great thing to do. This does two things, gets you on a schedule but also helps your following. Eventually they wont even need to be notified you are live they will just know and log on to see your vlog.

Be yourself, that is the most important! Let your personality shine and don't try to be something you are not. You will attract more people if you let yourself be yourself.  Make sure you are also well rested, be energetic and be positive! If you are having a bad day, then skip that day and go live the next day. You want to keep that positive high energy vibe going.

Have a topic you want to talk about. This will help keep you focused during your live. If you start to go off track you need to quickly get back on the subject. If you keep going off subject you will lose viewers. If you need to make notes. Its perfectly all right to have a guideline to keep yourself on track.

Don't worry about the little things. If your kid pops up in your video, cool let them say hi. Your audience will not care and let’s be realistic kids are awesome. Some of the best videos have bloopers in them. No one is going to care if your mess up just keep going. Take deep breath and move forward.

Recently facebook has been just fabulous, (sense the sarcasm)  they keep changing and making it more and more difficult to market your small business. There are few things you can do to get more people watching your work. Asking questions while you are live this will get people engaged and participating. If you are asking a yes or no question tell your viewers to post hearts or smiley faces for yes, and angry faces for no. Share your live on all of your groups and pages. The more you share the more people you will reach. Tell your followers to turn on their notifications so they know when you go live. That way they will never miss an update. It doesn't hurt to ask them to do this and to share your video. The more people who share your lives the better.

Remember marketing your business is as important as creating outstanding content. However if no one is there to actually read it then guess what you are wasting your time and energy. Having a marketing plan for any business is crucial for growing and expanding your bank account.

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