Lawn Care SEO - Why You Must Love The Hell Out Of It.

Lawn Care SEO - Why You Must Love The Hell Out Of It.

Loving the hell out of your SEO is a key way to build to a successful brand online. No matter how good your company works, or what quality of work your team provides, unless your online and online right no one will know the difference. Yes word of mouth is amazing and so are referrals, but after a while standing around waiting on your next referral can become pain staking. 

Stepping out and making your brand stand out can be a great thing for lawn care and landscaping business if the job is done right. The use of proper SEO and great content go hand in hand when it comes to ranking appropriately on search engines .

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it describes the logic and concept of search engines ranking websites. Although it can be a rather tedious process, working and seeing the results of your SEO work can feel amazing. If your site is new or old, tuning up your pages to better register with search engines is a sure fire way to develop much better brand recognition. 

6 steps to better your SEO:

1. Develop a Plan

Creating a posting plan can be a great way to get your goals in line and keep a consistent pattern while producing content such as Social media content, Blog post and website updates. Search engines love update and their web crawlers will have a field day if your content remains consistent. 

2. Build keyword goals

Build a list of targeted keywords that you can obtain and work towards those words. Having a targeted list is a great way to keep on track of your progress. Using a tool like Google Keywords can help you to determine which words are easy to rank for and which ones are harder to rank for! 

3. Look at your competitors

As often s we suggest not competing with your other local business its always good to look at where they are listed locally. If your biggest competitor is doing great on a set of keywords we can look to see how their site is developed and how their post preform. This will give you a better look into what it takes to create quality pages for search engines. 

4. Educate with your content

Educate your customers with your content no matter where it is used! If your content is quality your pages will gain more authority! Think about what your posting and be sure that you do a great job getting your message across in your content. 

5. Fill out SEO page titles and descriptions

Be sure you fill out your page titles. No matter which web provider you use there are different ways to add these titles and descriptions. Be sure you figure this out with your web provider and that your fill these out as they are essential for your website! 

6. Join All Major Listings 

If your business is not power listed it should be. Be sure to list your business on all major search engines, if this is something you do not have time for check out our power listing services page on our site. But sure this is done. For all major listings check out our post on the top 35 business listings

Now if you use all of these steps and you continue with best practices you will begin to see your business rise in targeted areas. Do not expect over night success as SEO is a timely task that really takes dedication and a long term effort! 

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