Lawn Care Marketing. Do you have the summer blues?

Lawn Care Marketing Do you have the summer blues?

With summer on the ways we have the mid summer blues to worry about! What that means is that when we hit that point in summer where we start dealing with dormant lawns, upset customers or the lack of work, or over haul of work we pulled through the summer we begin to see the effects over this period of time. 

As a lawn care business owner you know there comes a point in the summer where leads slow down and even if work is great and your busy you will get complaints. So no matter which way you look at it there are a few possible fires to put out this summer! 

As business owners we need to respond to issues and make it a goal to eliminate or reduce as much tension as possible with our customers. The 5 ideas below will be a great start in reducing all of these issues! 

5 Ideas on how to sell  more and get less complaints in the summer:

1. Educate your customers

Educate your customers via newsletter, email, call, or even conversation. If you are seeing lawns go dormant, or pest increase simply educating your customer will go a long way towards keeping the customer happy! 

2. Offer Free Mid Summer Inspection

Offer your customers a free mid summer inspection. This allows you to walk through and note any other issues on the property. Making both the customer aware and you a possible new sale! 

3. Do a Grub Control Campaign

Even if you are already selling your customers grub control and you are using it, always try and run a special and a campaign for new customers.Let's face it grub control is like the gravy train on easy street if done right. Even if you only have 20 customers its still great! 

4.  Do Quality Checks

We all work hard to keep our business running smooth, it is essential to do a quality check on your employees once and a while and simply stop by the job site and see how they are doing.

5. Do Not Over Promise 

Never over promise your customers. If you are going to promise anything, under promise and over deliver.  That will ensure your keeping your customers happy and your doing the job right. 

If you follow these 5 tips and keep pushing forward you should make it through the summer blues just fine. Also remember that fall is just around the corner and we will have that to prep for next! 

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