How to open a mosquito control business

How to open a mosquito control business

When you are looking to start a mosquito control company there are a few things you need to think about first. There are beginning steps such as developing  a business plan, looking at local competition, insurance, operations and marketing. In this document we will give you the basic steps and a sample price sheet as well. Our team here at LCMS really hopes this helps guide you in the right direction!

Getting Started:

Step 1: Know your competition

First look at your local market, see what others are doing and how their business preform. This will be huge for you and what you can do with your business. If you take the time to research your competitors you can surely get a lot farther. A good rule of thumb is to pick the top 3 business listed on Google in your area for mosquito control and take a ride by their business. The best time to do this is early evening or before 5am. The reason is to count their trucks. If we can generally assume that per truck the business has 500 customers and competitor A has 35 trucks that can give us a rough estimate that he services 17,500 customers. Though this will not be the case most of the time if you have locations in your area like this, then that is a good sign you may be in the right field!

Also take time to look at your competitors websites, social media and Google reviews as these are all key metrics to having any successful service company. The ones with the best reviews and most followers are likely going to be those who have the best revenue stream and the most customers.

Step 2: Write A Business Plan

No matter if you have been in business for 10 years in another field or not, or this is just and additional service to add to your lawn and landscaping company, add another business plan. The brightest thing you can do honestly in today's world is separate this service from your other company if you have one. Why you ask? Well at any given time a business can fail, or you may need to sell part of it. Making this service its own business as a business owner alots you more assets for your business. Either way write a business plan.

Step 3: Insurance / Licensing

These two go hand and hand because in most states you can not get licensed for pest control without having a business with insurance. When you are seeking insurance be sure to get a few quotes and actually read your policy. To often we see business owners assume they are covered just to find out they are not. Look into this and do some research before picking a provider. The better research you do, the more likely you will be to have great coverage at a decent rate for your business.

When it comes to licensing each state is different. Some requires years of experience under another applicator, others like Illinois you can just take a test and pay a fee. Do your homework on this and be sure you know what it’s going to take to get licensed in your state.

Step 4: Operations

When it comes to operating your mosquito control business you will need to knock off a checklist of items.This includes what type of equipment you are using, what crm you are using, what routing tool you want to use and a plan to manage your mosquito control company. Be sure to do operational research and do not be afraid to reach out to another business owner preferably out of your market about how they do what it is that they are doing. A lot of guys will be glad to point you in the right direction.

Step 5: Marketing

When it comes to operating your mosquito control business you will need to knock off a Marketing your new pest control service is key. Even for the smallest startup we would suggest a minimal of $2500.00 marketing budget. At your smallest you can build a website, set up basic business listings and blog to build your brand and a stream of leads. If done right you should still be able to spend $500 on Thumbtack and convert between 30 - 50 leads and then another $500.00 on flyers to start up. For those with bigger budgets its often good to set a budget in your business plan for marketing and an targeted CPL and CPS. Cost per lead and cost per sale.

Step6: Pricing

Below we offer you a sample price sheet and a concept we set up for our own mosquito control business. We often suggest setting pricing based on quality rather than looking at your competition. When you set pricing it is to do either 3,6,or 7 treatments a year. So remember a 3k lot for our company is $59.00 per treatment so we for 7 treatments we are charging $413.00 a year.

If you run into those customers who do not wish to pay for quality we often suggest bypassing the business. Though money is always a good thing sacrificing quality for quantity can only be detrimental to your business.

Below you will find our sample pricing chart:

1000 - 3000 SqFt


3100 - 5000 SqFt


5100 - 7000 SqFt


7100 - 9000 SqFt


9100 - 12000 SqFt


12,100 - 15000 SqFt


15100 - 17000 SqFt


17100 - 19000 SqFt


19100 - 21000 SqFt


21000 - 24100 SqFt


(Sample used for actual business)

We hope this document helps you learn more about the mosquito control business and how to get yours started! If you have any questions please give us a call today at 815-823-7144 and we would be glad to help point you in the right direction!

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