How To Market a Lawn Care Business

How To Market a Lawn Care Business

Do you find your self asking other lawn and landscaping business owners how to market a lawn care business? If so this may be the post for you! We as a team here at Lawn Care Marketing Success have a huge background in sales and marketing for lawn care business and now more than ever this is an important question a lot of business owners are asking. From the day we open our doors customers are 100% essential and we will give you the best ways on how to market a lawn care business!

Make a Marketing Plan

Create a marketing plan for your lawn care business. Often depending on the services you provide you may want to plan a bit different for each main faction but below we will give you a scale on how to plan a sales goal for the season!

Set a Budget, and Milestones for Yourself and Your Business

Set milestones for yourself and your business. Be sure to stick to your guns and your goals. If you miss a goal don't give up just restructure and plan accordingly. But setting goals such as 60-day goals, 90-day goals, 6 month and 12-month goals are essential.

Build a Fool-Proof Solid Plan

Do not be afraid to go into details and challenge yourself. The more information you put in the plan, the more likely you will be to complete your goals. Do not hold yourself back! Plan, customer base size, start-up cost, marketing cost, equipment cost, etc and be sure to do this in detail.

How To Market a Lawn Care Business - 2 Way's To Market A Lawn Care Business

Next, we will give you a list of marketing options you should list in any marketing plan as they will surely help you to succeed. Here are 2 ways you can market a lawn care business.

1. Make a Google Business Page

Creating a Google My Business page will allow your business to show up locally over time. First you must build it out and make it look great for any consumers that may find your page. This includes getting your listing verified. Once you get this page up and moving to try the following to gain up to 30% more weekly calls!

A. Post Daily

B. Upload Photos Often

C. Get Reviews and Respond to them

2. Make a Facebook Page

Make your business a Facebook page. As we all know billions of people use Facebook every day and it is surely a good thing to be in front of your targeted client base. If utilized properly this page can and will generate you a ton of traffic and leads. Be sure you list all of you information the same on all of your social media and business listings as well as it will give you a better overall SEO score if you do have a website.

For our, industry Facebook has proven to be a worthy tool of success and we must learn to adapt and or hire someone willing to do so. Again just like Google, there are some best practices to ensuring your content is seen and received the way you need it to be so it sells.

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