How to be a more productive lawn care marketer in your home office.

How to be a more productive lawn care marketer in your home office.

How to be a more productive lawn care marketer in your home office.

Our efforts that we put fourth each and every day make us who we are in business. Depending on how hard and focused we work, can often lead to our level of success. As lawn care marketers we are judged by numbers, and figures. This is after all the profession we have chosen!  Our essential goals are to succeed and surpass the goals we put in place for ourselves and our sales team. 

Developing goals and meeting them, keeping our word and a good reputation build us into our public view. But who we are behind the scenes is key as well. We must have a well balanced plan for our lawn care marketing no matter if we have a home office. We need to be as productive as possible even from home so below are 5 Ways to be more efficient in our home office. 

1. Develop a routine 

Have a set routine in your home office. Having a well maintained routine can really help you to stay on task. Set times each day that you manage tasks. Also set yourself weekly, monthly and annual goals! Be sure your reward yourself for succeeding! 

2. Set up campaigns

Take the time to be more productive in your office by developing campaigns and setting daily tasks. By doing this and setting daily goals you can complete more and be sure to be on your goals. 

3. Use a CRM

By using a customer management system such as service assistant which has a free version you can spend less time keeping up old files and more time making a profit!  Use a good CRM that helps route,make reports and even marketing even easier! 

4. Make time for sales and service

You have to make time for sales and services! If you don't it can lead to some long term issues. Even having a home office you must still make time for both sales and services! Our team is a huge believer in balancing your sales with good quality services! If you have both you will be 10 times more successful! 

5. Schedule everything

No matter if your planning a call or a simple 20 minute lunch stop for 5 seconds and schedule your work day as plans come in. Keeping a tight schedule will surely  make your job easier and your home office life smoother! 

Take a little time today and make your home office work for you! If you do it will make your life a lot easier! 

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