How does Covid-19 effect your lawn and or landscaping business?

How does Covid-19 effect your lawn and or landscaping business?

How does Covid-19 effect your lawn and or landscaping business?

With Covid-19 changing the nation we as small business owners must make an effort to change the way we're doing things. We need to utilize the down time we have and make the best of it. We are seeing a lot of down time, local shutdowns and more. If we look at the pros and cons for our business we might just find a way to build your business during this pandemic.

All over the United States states and local governing bodies are issuing shelter in place orders. What does this mean to us as lawn and landscape business owners? Well depending on where we are located this means we are either essential and or not to the local community.

Here in Illinois we are still seeing lawn and landscaping workers out but even in Facebook and Instagram posts and comments we are seeing some areas are also not allowing work to commence. Depending on your location you may want to contact the local county clerk or your city hall to see if you are allowed to be in the field.

We know for all business this pandemic has been a huge hindrance so we wanted to give you 5 ways you can grow your business during the pandemic. Believe it or not 63% of Americans are currently working from home, home with their kids or homebound all together. Also with the recent passing of the $2 Trillion dollar stimulus package we will see a huge economic bubble for a very short period of time. Follow these 5 tips below and we GUARANTEE you will grow your business while others will fail.

Market Online

Get onto Google or Facebook ads and be sure to market harder than ever. Over 68% of Americans are currently at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We highly suggest that you get into a position ASAP to market through the sheltering and pandemic. If done right you can truly grow your client base.

Get Active On Social Media

With a ton of down time for business in states such as Michigan its time we utilize our online presence to gain sales even on social media. The use of Facebook, Twitter, linked-In and IG are now more so than ever going to help us and our business grow. We need to keep this in mind as we move forward.

Blog Daily

If we blog daily about our field giving listicles, tips and tricks we will surely grow our online base as well as our online traffic. Utilize the blog feature on your company website and be sure to reach as many individuals as possible. Do not be shy about blogging.

Mention Covid-19 in You Blog or Post

Believe it or not Covid-19 is trending. If you simply give tips, advice and or make a comment about the Covid-19 virus you're sure to get more attention and time spent on your post and or blog. Utilize things like hashtags such as #covid19 and more to allow social media and search engines algorithms to know what topic your material is regarding.

Phone Sales

As we all know over 68% of Americans are homebound at this time. We also know there is a $2 Trillion dollar stimulus package that was just passed as well. We need to utilize our phone sale skills and even get to doing cold calls at this time. This will surely help us to grow our business as the Covid-19 scare is keeping people home. A common term used in lawn care sales is cherry picking. This means that you pick the low hanging fruit in the beginning of the season before really needing to hard sell. Now more so than ever we have that opportunity to cherry pick sales.

Is my state or Lawn and Landscaping Business Going To Be Affected By Covid-19:

This depends 100% on your state and your state's shelter in place order. In Michigan the order does not allow for lawn or landscaping business to be essential. Here in Illinois we are still seeing lawn and landscaping businesses out and about. The best thing to do would be to contact your local county and or city government office.

States that issued stay-at-home orders due to Covid-19:

  1. Ohio

  2. Louisiana

  3. Delaware

  4. California

  5. New York

  6. New Jersey

  7. Illinois

  8. Connecticut

  9. Michigan

  10. West Virginia

  11. Oregon

  12. Indiana

  13. Washington

  14. Vermont

  15. Massachusetts

  16. Wisconsin

  17. New Mexico

  18. Hawaii

  19. Minnesota

  20. Idaho

  21. Colorado

  22. New Hampshire

  23. Montana

  24. North Carolina

  25. Alaska

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