How do I get my lawn care company 1st on Google?

How do I get my lawn care company 1st on Google?

Well guys and gals this is such a darn common question we have decided to go over this with you all! Unlike going the long route we decided to take and make this blog to help everyone figure this out a bit easier. If you have SEO knoledge then you know ranking is changing daily. I actually refer to Googles leaked documents from last summer as a great guide line to your Google marketing. This document outlined 200 line items that Google wanted its new staff the over 2000 people now reviewing all of googles content daily to aid their alogrythem to best rank pages, prevent issues, and protect it's users.

So for your first step read that guiide and ensire you get a basic view of what Google is looking for from your site. Secondly there are a lot of line items to cover. Below I will list the best 3 practices to get your site ranked in first place on Google.

1. Ensure your site pages are listed and the SEO is set up properly.

This simply means you have the ability about 80% of the time with your website designer or if you manage your own site to control these tings for your business. No matter if your using Wordpress and the Yost plug in, or your just using something simple like Wix and their SEO tools, you should be successful as long as you check each page and make sure you have the key things covered.

2. Continuasally blog

Blogging is the most essential thing to your business in my personal opinion. I can honestly say that our company blog made our business over 60% of oue 2018 revenue and now in 2019 it's again accounting for roughly 63% of our new business. Using a blog and informing your readers and traffic of ways to help solve different day to day issues regarding your services or products will help lead the traffic you want to your website.

3.Make Goals and Focus

Make goals for your SEO abd hit them. This means actually plan each move and move forward in you overall SEO plan through using goal markers. This overtime will help you to get to where you want to be.

So in a nutshell, simply have the best and most relevant content for your keywords and continue to produce new relevant and useful information!

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