Get the list of Google's 200 Ranking Factors here FREE!

Get the list of Google's 200 Ranking Factors here FREE!

Get the list of Google's 200 Ranking Factors here FREE!

So last year Google had a leak on a document that shows you how they judge your websites page ranking. As Google nut's and SEO people we immediately took the time to go searching for this document and we got a glimpse of it in August of 2018. Now just weeks ago we got our hands on this item again and we are releasing it right here on our site for those of you who want to get better search results on your website. If you're anything like me, brew a pot of coffee and get prepared for a long weekend because this guide is great!

See Google launched a new program to start moving away from their algorithm a tad bit and they now also have humans crawling sites with this program. The link we add at the bottom of this page is the link to their 200 factor training document that is 164 pages long!

We have found this very useful tool we have decided it be best to get it our to our lawn care team, hoping it will come to some great use for your business! Check it out and give it a download. Its well worth the read.

What Information We Have Gained:

As most SEO guy's will continually push on the relevance of having a million pieces of metric data in perfect alignment, as we have been saying for years simply answering a question right is the trump card. Essentially what this means is yes there are a ton of ranking factors but answering the searchers question best with the best content and user experience is the overall best thing you can do for your business website.

Our Suggestion:

Of course you always should focus on the aesthetics of your site and conventional SEO still offers you a source of relevance in the Google update, but overall now more than ever you need continual content for these search engines to crawl!

Get Googles 200 Ranking Factors FREE Below

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