Former bartender turns misfortune into ‘Laid Off Lawn Care’

Former bartender turns misfortune into ‘Laid Off Lawn Care’

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - Friday morning, Scott Briggs parked at a gas station, picked up his phone and dialed the number for The Geoff Calkins Show on 92.9 FM in Memphis.

It was free-commercial Friday, and Briggs was ready to give his brand-new business an additional boost with an on-the-fly sales pitch.

“Hi, this is Scott, I’m a laid-off bartender in the city of Memphis and I can take care of all your lawn care needs,” Briggs said to begin his strict 30-second time slot.

The first-ever advertisement to roll off his tongue was far different than the one he would have expected to give just a couple of months earlier. That one probably would have featured craft cocktails and happy hour specials.

But there he was, sitting inside of his car, spewing his very best offering to extend his infant-stage lawn care business beyond the two weeks that it was already booked strong.

“I kind of got lucky that I heard Geoff (start the segment) while I was just about to pump my gas,” Briggs said. “At first I wasn’t sure if I would be working or not whenever he got it going. I was fortunate to get in, I guess the gods smiled upon me.”

Briggs hopes his leap to another career, even if temporary, happened right on cue as well.

“I guess (I know how to hustle),” Briggs said. “… I don’t ever recall a time where I haven’t been doing something.”

BarWare, where Briggs used to work as a bartender, closed one week before the rest of Memphis shut down due to coronavirus. The bar owner was aiming to be proactive, a decision that in hindsight was likely beneficial for Briggs.

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