Facebook and Facebook Ads:

Facebook and Facebook Ads:

So you have a company Facebook page? That's great! But that page honestly is valueless unless you know how to use it. Using Facebook ads can be a daunting task. Often you're unsure of what to do, or how to go about using the ads. There are a million how to guys on the market promising you the world. Let's be honest, it is not all that simple. People bring you in with the promise of .1 cent ads and expect you to jump loops. We know differently. We as a team have been very successful with social media. The Facebook advertising platform can be extremely challenging. Our plans and cycles are a bit extreme. We work at our goals relentlessly. But if you follow the quick plan below you will be greatly impacted for the better.

Use the analytics software built into your Facebook to learn a few things.

1.)Optimal Online time.

2.) Age and Sex.

3.) Find your most recourse full information.

2. Develop content that will entertain the minds of your target market. I always build my content around my target market.

3. Use your ad settings. Set your target market. When you're setting you areas you want the ad to be seen. The more precise you are the better off you are.

4. Do not buy fans or followers on Facebook. Businesses assume they must have a lot of followers to sell on Facebook and that is not the case. To make a direct impact on your Facebook you must pay for ads and develop an organic following.

It doesn't matter if you are a business, musician, marketing person, or political candidate, growth always needs to be organic, and built through content and your brand.

Why can't I get responses on my business post?

When making a facebook post you have to think like the person you are selling to. Your post and backlinks have to be clever and precise. Delivering a message to a consumer or even another business is already tricky enough online. We often build and develop ads that are all about our products all the time. If that is what you are doing, stop while you're ahead.

Branding yourself and building on Facebook you must develop a proper plan that allows you to be real, and grow. I will not buy a product from someone who fills my notifications with their sales pitch. I would more than likely block them and stray away from those people. While building your base you should do attention catching post. Yes, you still should sponsor adds and work hard to build the reach of your post as well. Below is an ad I did recently that went very well.

By directly targeting your ads you are developing an easier way to speak with your base. If you want them to listen, you must take you 1 second of attention you will receive and make them bite. This will ensure that you have a better chance than most of your ad being viewed and or clicked. When developing an ad for a base of customers or past customers on facebook it is highly important that you know the who and what of what you are preparing these ads. Developing these add's is one thing, making them have any return, let alone maximum ROI is a whole different story.

To develop top of the line adds is a bit of a task. You must be able to build a plan and follow through with it as well. Learning your base is a daunting task but you can use Facebook ad google analytics to help you get the job done. For instance, if your selling lawn care and your online base are 15-25 with an income level of $20,000 a year, you are in the wrong place. You must develop a base of content that meets the needs of your customers. This is what will bring the best customers base.

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