Dominate Your Struggle Zone - Succeed with your lawn care and landscaping business

Dominate Your Struggle Zone - Succeed with your lawn care and landscaping business

Dominate Your Struggle Zone - Succeed with your lawn care and landscaping business

There are a lot of issues that could operations, marketing, production, cash flow or a million other issues. Below we are going to walk you through our 5 step scale evaluation process. I have used these 5 steps to restructure hundreds of businesses all over the country. If you use these I promise they will work great for you!

Our 5 Step Process:

1.) Dominate Your Struggle Zone

The first step is to dominate your business and personal struggle zones. This means you need to find your issue areas and overcome obstacles. I highly suggest sitting down and writing a list of the issues you know you have. Then, under each issue list 3 goals. Your first goal should be a 30-day goal. Plan for only 30 days and place an attainable goal with each issue. Your second goal should be a 90-day goal again make the goal attainable. Then when you get to the third goal make it a 6-month goal. With that goal again make it attainable, but ensure that you plan to reduce the issue by at least 50%. This should be attainable and very focused.

2.) Hold Regular Check-In Meetings

Hold yourself and your team accountable for goals and set meetings regularly. It is great to have all of the goals in the world, but if you do not follow through those goals mean nothing. Be sure to set a meeting every week, bi-weekly or monthly to check in on progress and make any necessary changes. This is an essential part of making real changes.

3.) Reward Yourself and Your Team When You Meet Goals

You have, have, have to reward yourself and your team. If you meet your smaller goals set yourself and your team incentives. At each goal, there should be something to look forward to. If you have this in place you will find yourself and your team working harder and more focused.

4.) Use A Task Manager or a CRM

Use a task management system and or a CRM to upkeep your tasks and clients. If your still managing on excel or an old paper list for your clients gets out of it asap. You need to automate as much as possible and keep your tasks and clients in a safe useful system.

5.) Plan, Plan, Plan

Plan, plan, plan ahead at all times. Never walk into your season with a lack of planning. If you plan ahead and re-evaluate the plan you will be much more successful. Just like goal setting for tip 1 use your downtime to plan for your business. Plan your next season, set goals in your plan for sales, marketing, financial, and production goals. Nothing will ever go 100% perfect or even 60% for that matter but if you plan you will see more future success.

If you utilize these steps you will be well on the way to bypassing your stall and getting to the next phase with your business. If you have any questions or if you would like help or a FREE consultation feel free to give us a call at (877) 433-5441.

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