Customer Service 10 Ways to Improve Customer Service for Your Lawn Care Business

Customer Service

10 Ways to Improve Customer Service for Your Lawn Care Business

Customer Service10 Ways to Improve Customer Service for Your Lawn Care Business

The true foundation of a successful lawn care company is competent customer service. We’ll discuss ten simple steps an office can take to maximize customer satisfaction.

Be proactive: Anticipate problems and have a scripted response. Rescheduled services for example, a recording or phone call made on the day service is being rescheduled works wonders for picky customers. Many times, customers just want to be informed of any changes.

Allow time for new employees to become comfortable: A call center can be a stressful environment. Having a supervisor or senior team member nearby for difficult interaction is a boon for new employees. Allowing them to have a safety net will build confidence and lead to a happier employee.

Expect odd calls: I’ve worked in customer service for the better part of a decade. At least once a week a call will leave you completely bewildered. Keeping your composure, while difficult, is very important. A single call a customer finds inappropriate will become a defining moment despite 1,000 professional interactions prior.

Work closely with your sales team: As the season progresses programs, discounts, and services can change. It’s necessary to keep in close contact with the sales representatives within your company. Building a report will make confirming and entering sales much simpler. It will also help avoid confusion with program specifics and pricing.

Rotate office call responsibilities: It’s wise to have different priorities throughout the week. This will help ease the frustration that builds with repetitive interactions. Also, if more than one person is taking incoming calls, take turns answering. This means the calls will be responded to quickly, and will inevitably balance the workload.

Make check-in calls: If a customer had a recent complaint, follow up after a service call is made. This will let the customer know you’re concerned with the issues they experienced. It’s a surefire way to please a frustrated customer.

Always consider past customer interactions: It seems obvious, but all too often a frustrated customer can force a rushed response. It is absolutely integral that every call is logged with details of each interaction and reviewed before responding to an incoming call.

Review the customers program: A quick run down of their current services will allow you to anticipate what issues or inquires the call is regarding. Several service calls for weeds? Recently added tree service? Is there a quoted price for an additional program? It’s always easier to respond to a question you expect.

Be individually responsible for a call: Once a call is received, offer and expect to follow through personally. Any customer will appreciate having their questions answered by the same person they asked. It leaves a distinct sense of competence. Giving personal extensions and business emails is a great way to relay that to the customer early.

Do not tolerate hostile customers: This is debated hotly debated topic. The first step should always be to try to bring the conversation back to a business interaction. If a customer refuses to interact in a cordial manner there are two paths to take:

Request to transfer the call to a supervisor. Ask if there is a better time to call.

Both will diffuse the situation to some extent. The key is to make it clear that no progress will be made while remaining combative.

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