Contractors Marketing

Contractors Marketing

No matter which home or commercial services your company provides contractors marketing is essential. Learning what may be right or wrong for your business can often be hard to do and very time-consuming. We thought it would be a great idea to give contractors marketing tips and tricks all in one place so here is our guide to getting your contracting business on top!

Best Contractors Marketing Tips & Tips

So you are a contractor and you're looking to market your business right? The first step is looking at what is actually working in 2019 and what is going to work in 2020 as it is around the corner. This year Hubspot at the state of the inbound stated that 63% of businesses said they struggled with gaining leads and traffic online. That being stated we figured it would be a good idea to go over exactly what it takes to ensure you are getting ample online traffic with our first set of tips being our tips to increase traffic and leads!

Tips To Increase Traffic and Leads

Our best choices to increase traffic and leads to your contractor's marketing efforts are tried and tested solutions we utilize for our clients on a daily basis. We highly suggest you give our tips and tricks a try for 6 weeks. This is a great testing period where you can really track the changes in your traffic and lead generation.

1. Blog Often and Consistently

If you already blog great! If not be sure your blog more often and consistently. Blogging provides you more and more legs out in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Do not however continually write useless content and short poorly done pieces. Be sure your blog has time and effort put into it and that you work hard to make your content relevant and useful to your readers! This will retain them longer and make your site more valuable to your user overall.

2. Make Seasonal Offers

Make seasonal offers to your customer base. If your an HVAC company now in the late fall is the perfect time to do this. Offer a maintenance plan with discounts or even a seasonal special. This can definitely help bring in some new traffic and sales!

3. Follow Up Courtesy Calls

I know more than anyone how hard it can be to have to follow up with clients with follow up calls when as business owners we spend 99% of our time already working on our business. But doing this could be more promising than you could imagine! There is a two-pronged approach to the follow-up call.

A. there is always an opportunity for an upsell if you are doing a follow-up call. For instance, let's say your a roofing contractor and miss Smith just had her 3 tab shingles repaired you may want to make her aware of options for replacement or even insurance claims if she is possibly eligible.

B. Always feel out the call for a possible review! Too often do we find a great business with years of experience in their communities hurt by poor reviews and almost always when I talk to a business owner I hear we had no clue how to get good reviews. It's simple to offer a $10 or $20 off coupon for a good review if the customer states they had a good experience! Please remember you should not confuse this with paying customers for good reviews but simply offering them a gift card, certificate or company credit for their time is essential to build a good review stream!

4. Social Media It Up

Be sure you're using social media platforms to market your content. Do not confuse this with marketing your business though! When it comes to contractors marketing providing top quality content to your users is essential for great user experience. If you then utilize social media to promote this content it is essential. How do you do this you may be wondering? We will list a few tricks we personally use below!

A. Share your blog post such as we have done in our sample below on your social media streams! We simply copy the first paragraph of our blog post and then double space below it and add the learn more placing the link below it.

B. Once your content is shared there are various ways to get traffic to your content you have now shared on social media. You can do the paid ads which are always advised and you can also do content shares in groups as long as your targeted and smart about where your posting and you take your time it should have a great effect. What this means is to be sure you know the group's rules before posting and try to allow 15 seconds between post and keep it to 13 groups a day or less. This will reduce your chances of being blocked or locked for a few days by Facebook.

If you utilize our contractor's marketing tips and tricks for 6 weeks you should see an increase in leads and traffic. The goal after you begin to see these changes is content analysis.

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