Complex Social media

Complex Social media

Social media is a complex and interesting world. Knowing social media is like knowing which way the wind blows. Trends are interesting and always changing. Social media trends often get lost before you know it and switching up your flow to keep up with the tide is a task. I am a business minded person who eats, sleeps, and breathes social media. Honestly, I have made a great portion of my living via social media and I know it better than most. If there is a trend to keep up with I'm there and through this process, I learned exactly how to use social media as a tool to my advantage and there is a lot of work that goes into this step.

Social media is a complex organism. Learning social media and understanding the in's and out's. With social media, you can choose many different channels to success. I choose to use what I call the " Blitz It" method. With my method, I use as many social outlets as possible. I build each page with a similar look and build. Consistency is key. Having a consistent look and feel is important. If you have a look everyone is familiar with you are what is called in the marketing world branded. Branding your business, hobby, blog or whatever it may be you are building is huge! Branding what it is that you are working on will give you a name, the consistent look will give you a wholesome feel. Once you have this mastered it's time to start the content development portion of the work.

Your content, meaning a post, pictures, blog articles, anything on the internet you must have quality content. If you do not have top of the line content it will be very hard to succeed at whatever it is you want to succeed. You need top of the line content. From the subject to the art work, everything in your content must be pristine, Top of the line content equals ensured viewer retention. Viewers are interested in content that they like, understand, and that is quality. If you can reach a viewer and retain them you have officially won. This is what we're all after. Whether you want them to buy something from you, or read something you have written, viewer retention equals success.

As your viewer base grows, so will you advertisement money, or sales, or even sales leads. But first things first you have to get these people to pay attention to you. I can not tell you how many people create a concept and expect it to pop with poor content. This will fail you automatically. Your content has got to stand out as much as your concept. Take time developing your content. Even down to the wording, this can be crucial when developing content you wish to have social media success with.

Social Media is based on a really interesting thing called algorithms. An algorithm is basically a mathematical formula that social media companies use these algorithms to assess your page activity and flow. They like to see consistency. So if you post say, three times on your page one day, 5 times the next, and fifteen the day after that is very inconsistent. You are better off to post three times a day for 6 weeks and see how that pattern works for your social media sites. By doing so you will have shown consistency for a long enough period of time that we can be sure the systems have read you as consistent, and your numbers will begin to rise. This pattern will show you over a period of time great results. I personally always try to build onto my pattern, I use a cool site called HootSuite and I change every 6 weeks adding more post into my plan. So say today until six weeks from now I was doing 3 posts a day. In six weeks I would sit down, re cap and rebuild that plan. I may now do 5 posts a day for six weeks and so on. This is a building process but it can surely help you build into the numbers you are attempting to reach.

Once you have a pattern, a design, and quality content the next big step is keeping up with your base. I have often used email list and admin on my social media pages to do these jobs. If you only receive a handful of messages a day, then there is no need for another admin as long as you are sure you can handle the flow of your pages, site, or blog. Once you begin to gain large amounts of followers I would suggest you pick up at least one other admin to help. This will ease the stresses you have on you managing one or multiple applications. It will also allow for prompt responses to questions and concerns. An email list can also be extremely useful. Using a quality email list can ensure your clients, viewers, or customers see new things going on and also when you post. If you keep your viewers informed they tend to come back. As a blog reader or even a site customer, I like to know what's going on, what's new, and so on. Keeping up with your base is an essential step. If you do not you will loose them. I will say again consistency, consistency, consistency… I want to make sure I drill that in if you do not stay consistent you will fail no matter what. Once you fall off so will your followers. That is bad for you and business. You must keep things regular and people entertained. Doing so is a huge responsibility of anyone running social media platforms.

Social media Spam is huge. I do not suggest getting yourself listed as a spammer. This can really affect your overall reach and effectiveness. If you want to reach a million people today, you're in the wrong place, you might as well quit reading this book. I am 100% against spam campaigns, they do not help anyone, and they make the job of social media people harder and harder every day. Spam or smear campaigns are for people who cannot get traction because their content is lacking. If you are spamming you are falling. Do not host 20 events on Facebook a month to build onto your page. One I have no issue with, but 20. That is excessive and showing weakness as a business, blog, or site.

It will also have your URL, or social page links marked as spam. This is a huge No, no you do not want. Once they have you flagged it is extremely hard to redeem yourself. Social site development, blog development, and even website development are fairly hard tasks. Yes, they do take time to complete. Following this book, you will be well on your way. But always remember that spam is not the answer. Do you ever open your email to find that one annoying email letter you didn't sign up for? What do you do with it? You either put it directly in the trash bin or mark it as spam. No matter what you are spamming from spam is toxic to you as a business person. Spam has killed millions of blogs, sites, and amazing Facebook pages and groups. Forced ads often fail as well. Also buying likes, and views is a failing game. It's a short term leap but people are not blind. If you have 600,000 likes on a page and 2 comments per post, you're a fraud. We see this all the time. Hard work and honesty in this world get you a lot farther!

There are a ton of social media sites out there as well. From Facebook, Twitter, Mocospace, Meetme, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and hundreds of others. Each site offers different things, so be sure to check out all sites available. Some sites may offer things others do not. Each service is worth a look, the internet is complex but these sites are all useful tools. I would suggest using each tool to your advantage and seeing what works best for you personally. For each person, this may be different but well worth the shot!

As though it's not enough that Facebook has a million different tools, even creating proper ads and artwork can be a challenge. When developing proper ads and marketing pieces you .have to think like your customer If you don't you will fail and I can guarantee that. Our customer bases are so used to being drowned with Less than quality content. You have to develop this content and turn it into the turnpike of your business. If you are not using your Own channels for marketing, and not building a base you are letting yourself down,

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