Breaking the ice in social media

When you launch any sort of social media campaign you must break the ice. It is of the highest importance that you break the ice and ensure you are capable of reaching as many individuals as possible while being socially active. If you're horrible with communication, then you shouldn't even be to this point in the book. A lot of what you are doing here is playing a double persona here, no not in a psychological way but more so in an effort to learn and understand the people, you are attempting to reach. If you want to break the ice, you must first have a goal and base that you are looking to meet. If you do not then your chances of failing are high. There is a list of things you must do to break the ice. I will take you step by step in this chapter to make sure you meet these expectations!


Developing a social media platform is now day's much like designing a website. By setting up a solid and well planned out page you are much more likely to stand out than your competition. Developing your pages means fully filling out your business page or listing and ensuring it is fully functional. If you do this it will greatly increase your flow of traffic. Our traffic flows from other sources as well as ourselves building a few different steps into a combination of success. When you complete all of your online profiles correctly you can also increase your traffic by almost 30%.

2. Page post

Please always remember when posting on social media that this is not your website or a place to focus on selling. Yes, we all want to reach our market and sell our products, but we also must remember that our post must be meaningful and useful or we will fail. A lot of company's attempt to use their social media pages as a home for poorly made ad's. To be honest this isn't a sales platform whatsoever. Unless your ultimate goal is to push traffic away you must use your social media pages as just that. Be social, interact with followers. If you interact and provide your followers with great new content you can grow your base in a smooth and effective way. No this does not mean build the boat and they will come, you will have to market your pages and product to build your own base. If you use these pages appropriately they will help you grow your base and leads in no time at all.

3. Tapping Your Base

When working to tap your base,w e will have generally assumed you have created and provided quality content for your viewers. By doing so you are developing an active following. If you can get them listening and opening messages you can and will succeed. Your base is derived by a group of like people that follow you do to something your content does for them. If you write about lawn care, they may be looking for a solution to an issue or a new product. If you're a musician, you may provide leisure time and comfort to a base. But no matter what it is that you are doing you are in need of getting your base of followers to participate when breaking the ice. Do you ever see pictures with 1000 or 2000 Shares on facebook or the image on IG with 5000 Likes? It is a daunting image in mosts minds until they themselves are capable of creating this type of following. Using the base you have you can create this level of success and much more through the proper use of social media marketing!

Each of these steps will help lead you into a proper formatting for your online life. By mastering each of these steps you will be capable of creating an online web. This web will all work towards one essential goal, more views and leads on your site! Using the breaking the Ice stage to truly add character and a sense of fullness to your social profiles will leave you feeling complete and also will give you a must higher traffic base due to properly managed and up kept profiles.

As you develop and get through the ice breaking stage you will come to find that once thought impossible goals become more and more simple to obtain. Persay today if you have 1000 followers, if you follow this plan and work through the pains you will have 5000 in 8 months. This is if you follow this plan and work it correctly. A lot of the development you are leading to is website traffic and from there email list and information! By creating an information generator, you are essentially opening the doors for more and more contact reach and business. By doing so you can essentially develop a new stream of revenue for your business, band, or whatever you are working towards.

Breaking The Ice Email Blast

Developing emails to break the ice can honestly be a pain. A lot of us are used to being straight to the point and very forward with our point. In an email, I always suggest using a lead in email to then second that with clean and precise sales based email. By using this method you will be attempting to use the first email to offer something your customer does not have to lead them into later purchasing or subscribing to or using your service. This method has proven to have higher success rates than other methods. By giving your follower something you are almost saying in a sense " Here let me help you" or " Here let me teach you". This will resinate 10 times better than your followers that a straight to the point sales pitch! Below are 2 sample emails to show you exactly what we mean by this!

Sample A: Bad Email:

Dear John,

Today at my store you can get a brand new couch for $399.00. With great comfort and quality, why not stop in and let us change your life. I promise you will love our product's or we will give your money back! We offer a 30 Day GUARANTEE!

Thank You,

Joe Blow

111 Joe Blow St

(111) 111-1111

Sample B: Good Email:

Dear John,

As it is beginning to get cold outside with the winter on the way we know it can cause pain and aches. By using the right products and support systems you can reduce pain by 65%. Can you believe that all of our store's coaches offer the new micro master plaster that allows for form fitting seat? They also provide the following list of supports.

. Neck Support

. Hip Support

. Spine Support

.Knee Support

. Join ease

. Discomfort relief

. and Much More.

Our products have been tested by space scientist, and doctors and have been medically proven to work. If you want to learn more feel free to download a FREE copy of our small book on Micro Master Plaster breaks down the science and medical use right here for you

(Click Here) to download our book today!

The second email provides instructional materials as well as educational materials for the readers! By following this email and clicking on the link you will gain more FREE information. Remember that word. FREE does not always mean discount or product give away. You can also give away useful content!

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