Blog Archives And Seo

Blog Archives And Seo

When most people visit your site, the articles that they will see is anywhere from three to fifteen depending on the length of them and whether or not you have linked them behind the fold. Behind the Fold means that they are stuffed in your archives. Of course, this begs the question are these search engine optimized blogs lost forever in the archives or are they still accessible to search engines. The good news that even though your blog posts from the past are not displayed on the blog page but this does not mean that they are not accessible to the search engines or your readers. Most blog software and online providers supply some kind of archiving system so that readers can easily search your blog for other articles. In fact,

a little box that allows your readers to search a blog is a good plug in to look for when you are choosing a provider. Sometimes the archives are listed in a separate list on another page by date or subject. On other templates, there may be a list of general categories scrolling down one side of your blog that people can click on to read other subjects. Another possibility is that a calendar object may be put on the page so that people can look up the blogs in the archive by date. Another technique is to keep all of your category headings for your blogs as keyworded titles and to maintain a lot of them. The more categories you have describing your blog archives the more keywords you will have available to the search engines. Even though these posts are not archived on your front page they are still searchable through the search engines. The more articles you have in your archives the more visible your site is likely to be in the search engines.

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