6 Great Fall Lawn Care Marketing Tip's

6 Great Fall Lawn Care Marketing Tip's

6 Great Fall Lawn Care Marketing Tip's

Here are 6 great fall lawn care marketing tip's to help you with your business! Our team loves fall marketing campaigns and we know exactly what it takes to make them successful! If you put the right amount of time and effort into your fall marketing campaign you can grow, profit and learn a lot!

1. Group Specials

Offer group specials to neighborhoods to heighten your chances of more business. For instance, if you get a whole neighborhood you will be more likely to close a larger percentage of deals!

2. Facebook Posting

I know a lot of guys have a lack of faith in Facebook. I'm definitely not a huge fan of a lot of their recent changes and slip-ups either but the fact is that they are great at providing us leads at a great rate. I will in no way attempt to butter you up with falsities such as leads are dirt cheap, but what I will tell you is that if a campaign is set up properly you can succeed at bringing in leads.

3. Videos,videos,videos

Videos are essential for your business. Overall, 83% of consumers worldwide prefer YouTube to watch video content stated Hubspot the nations leading a complete marketing system! What does this mean for you? Well just think about that for a second. I don't care if your an 18-year-old small business owner or a 52-year-old with 13 locations and 200 employees we all want more business. By developing video content and placing it on Youtube and then sharing the link on social sites you can increase your leads by 40%.

4. Blog Away

If you're reading this article you are literally in a content marketing funnel as we speak. My goal is to get business owners to read our content, trust our brand and then end in our FREE marketing quote box. See what I just did there? I dropped a sales pitch in content and you must do the same by keeping a consistent blog going on your website.

5. Content Development

Develop content for your website, social media, and even your printed marketing materials. This will surely help bring clients into your business as well. By utilizing things like infographics, 5 steps to a better lawn etc your drawing the consumer in with longer hold times thus marking your SEO go up and the consumer even more likely to buy your services.

6. Focus On A Few Services and Do Them Well

I know how hard it can be to do this. I at one point was in charge of sales for 17 locations and I simply needed to make each location an additional $250,000 in revenue from August to December. We at the time provided many services for fall time. As I began to notice with over 15 fall services and 340 lawn care technicians we were seeing 15 - 20 % cancelation ratings quickly. Why? Well, the answer is simple we were so eager as a business to grow that we over-expanded and it actually hurt us. We slimmed down that season in 2016 and focused solely on aerations and we averaged 2500 aerations per location. Focusing on one area always produces better work and more revenue!

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