5 ways to build perfect customer service in your lawn care business.

5 ways to build perfect customer service in your lawn care business.

5 ways to build perfect customer service in your lawn care business.

In a lawn business customer service is key. If you do not put enough into your customer service you are truly failing yourself, your pocket and your customers. Having poor customer service is like running a race with 1 leg, it's just not a goo Idea. You need to build a customer service team that is well know for quality, and believe it or not this will be your #1 lawn care marketing tool you have. 

In this post we will give you 5 ways to build the perfect customer service team! If you use some of them or all of them you will be off on a much better off all the way around. Remember the old saying word of mouth is the best marketing? Well honestly that is still a pretty true statement! 

1. Check your voicemail and return calls

Leaving your voicemail unchecked is killer. I have seen this with business of all sizes and this can really cause a long term negative effect with customers. Yes we have a lot going on in our day to day operations, but a simple notebook for calls and a follow up call can be a make or break for some customers! 

2. Mr or Mrs when answering the phone! 

Sir and Ma'am are great in some areas but a safe bet when answering a call is hello Mr. Smith , or thank you for calling sample lawn care Mrs. Smith, how may I help you today.  The way your team answers your call and the inflection in your voice could gain you a customer and or loose a current customer, Remember these customers are paying for a service from your business! 

3. Note every account

Proper notes in every account are essential. There is nothing worse then receiving a call and not being able to help a customer because you do not know what is going on. If your a one man show or a large scale company notes are essential. Failing to put notes in accounts leads to bad communication and a really frustrating customer service experience. 

4. Respond in a timely manner.

Always take care of customers needs in a timely manner! Be sure you respond to your customers wants and needs! Be sure you provide a response, no you may not always be able to give your customer exactly what they want, but a response is necessary! 

5. Develop report with your customers.

Develop a report with each of your customers. If you have to many to do that be sure your customer service team does. Leaving notes and following the above principals is great but being sure to build actual report with a customer is essential!! 

Developing strong communications with your customers is essential! If you do this well you can bypass a lot of the the reasons people cancel their lawn care service! Remember every time your on a job that that customer is a part of your livelihood! 

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