5 steps to a killer sales team

5 steps to creating a killer sales team

When it comes to having a top of the line sales team, I have years of experience meeting and exceeding goals each and every season. A lot of this can come from the way you lead, and the way you as a leader yourself work. Developing a killer sales team takes time and effort. Below we are going to give you 5 tips to building a killer sales team! We hope this document helps you! 

1. Build Moral 

We have all had a bad week in sales if we are good at what we do. This is to be expected from time to time. In my experience a close leads to another close especially when your salesman or woman get's a confidence boost. If you have a team member who is struggling take the time to talk with them and throw them a good lead or two, you would be surprised how you can change the flow!

2. Develop Goals and Incentives

When your in a sales room as the business owner or a sales manager, you need to take the time to set a plan in place and then follow through with it. Having weekly, monthly seasonal and special goals will help lead you to a much more successful sales team overall. 

3. Plan Hours Seasonally

Plan your sales hours Seasonally. It will help you to maximize your teams potential. If you have 2 guys dialing 100 times a day each and they only get 4 contacts that helps no one. Plan your hours according to your average customers schedule.

4. Audit, audit, audit

One of the very first things I ever learned as a manger of a sales room was the importance of auditing. If you do not keep track of what it is your sales team is doing, eventually it will haunt you. Having and audit process is key to saving you money and ceasing bad or underpriced sales. Use this process to your advantage. In the long run it will be one of your best friends!

5. Even the best week can be a bust

Even the best week in the sales world can be a bust. Be sure that you are focused and understanding and lead by example on a hard week. Sit with you team , make calls and close deals if they are struggling. Sometimes the team just needs to have an extra push.

I hope these 5 tips help you as much as they have helped me over the years. We will be dropping more content as always here soon for you!

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