19 Ways To Better Your Lawn and or Landscaping Business During Covid-19

19 Ways To Better Your Lawn and or Landscaping Business During Covid-19

With Covid-19 effecting business all over the nation we came up with 19 Ways To Better Your Lawn and or Landscaping Business During Covid-19. We hope you take something from this blog and it helps to better your season! Our team has worked hard to put this together!

1. Be The Difference With Marketing

During these times using something like a roll of toilet paper in a zip lock bag with you business flyer will go a long way. Do not be afraid to be creative and go the extra mile it will pay off for your lawn and or landscaping business.

2. Revamp and Re Build

Revamp and re build your marketing if need be. Do not waist this time if you cannot work, simply get up and motivated. Use the down time wisely and ensure your business is up to par both in the field and online!

3. Budget For A Tough Year

No matter where your business is located having a budget set in place with safety nets is essential. Be sure to budget and plan for a tough season due to Covid-19. This will give you some room for gain and or loss.

4. Route Clean up

If you have not had the time to ensure your routes are well put together you may find yourself saving hundreds or thousands this season if you take the time to density your routes. With or without the Covid-19 virus this should be essential.

5. Stay In Touch With Your Customers

Stay in touch with your customers. Though this is down time a lot of them are at home and this may be a great time to call for up selling and more. Don't be afraid to reach out!

6. Develop A Sales Call Routine

As I stated in line item 5, people are home. To be exact 89% of Americans are now home more than not during the day and evening. Now is the best time ever to pull lost leads and soft leads out to sell! Do not be afraid to get a good call routine going.

7. Create Helpful Memes

Use helpful memes and more to give tips for self care during Covid-19. These memes will help small business educate and train their team. Be sure to use these! These memes can inform people of how to clean, use a mask, wash their hands etc. See example above made on Picmonkey.com

8. Blog Like There Is No Tomorrow

Blog like there is no tomorrow! Blogging is essential and it is sure to bring you even more traffic. Write blogs about spring needs, covid-19, and more to get your visitors on your site!

9. Use Google My Business As A Tool

Use your Google My Business page as a marketing tool. By up-keeping your Google My Business profile you are not only using another outlet to get new customers but you are also making Google and its algorithm aware that your business is still active.

10. Create Content

Our team uses Adobe, Corell Draw and even Picmonkey.com to create content. Pic Monkey is a simple affordable tool for all and we find to be amazing. You can create from scratch and or you can develop from templates. If you grasp the functions and features of this you can easily scale your business and plan out content for months in advance. This will allow you to do more A/B testing and actually give you an idea of what consumers are looking for!

11. Set Up A Give Away

Doing something like a Lawn Stimulus Giveaway is not only ya great idea, but also a great way to get your business in the public eye. Offer a FREE year of service to 1 lucky winner and have a sign up page on your site. This could turn out to be the best promotion you have ever done!

12. Use Local Groups and Poll's on Facebook

Use local groups and polls on Facebook to gauge exactly what consumers are focused on. This will allow you to interact with local consumers and even get answers as to what homeowners and consumers are seeking service wise at this time.

13. Canceled Account Saves

During this pandemic you can focus on saving canceled customers via call, text and email. Find out why your clients canceled and see if there is a way to re gain their business.

14. Clean Up Your Books

Clean up your books and ensure your receipts, bookings and payments are all in order. As small business owners it's nice to be caught up.

15. Develop a Plan For Staff

Develop a plan for your staff. Put a Covid-19 safety plan together. This could save a life or many more. Even a small 2 or 3 page plan could help and make a real difference!

16. Do a Supplies Drive For Local Hospitals

With a massive shortage of PPE, it would be a great idea to do a supplies drive for your local hospitals. A lot of small business are doing just this. Believe it or not simply announcing you are doing a drive will thicken your community and your brand.

17. Social Media Reboot

If your business is not very active on Social Media NOW is the time for a reboot. Simply get on the different platforms and schedule a few post for a month on each. You will be surprised by the connections you can make when you really dive into social media!

18. Do Video.........It's A Must

Do video now if your not already! Video marketing is essential in 2020. Coronavirus or not doing video is key to growth. If you do not have a YouTube channel start one. Lawn and Landscaping business on YouTube get 29% more business than those not on the platform. Though you do not get a lot of YouTube based sales, there are plenty of ways for your videos to help sky rocket your website and SEO!

19. Re-Tool

If your unable to get out in the field get into the shop ASAP! Having your mowers, Perma Greens, Sprayers, Ditch Witches and other equipment prepared and in working order is essential. This is a great time to do just that!

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