19 Tips For Digital And Online Marketing

19 Tips For Digital And Online Marketing

19 Tips and Tricks for Digital and Online Marketing

1. First And most importantly buy and register a domain that's relevant to your brand and or business function yet easy to remember to begin building up your brand.

It may cost a little more but use a virtual private server as the benefits will far outweigh the cost.

2. Make your page professional and geared towards your business versus personal interests unless your interest relates to your business.

3. Avoid adding too much to your website as far as graphics and cosmetics as these can slow down your page and quickly make a customer lose interest in a site they would have otherwise purchased from.

4. Spend quality time on your sites seo or search engine optimization as this is a process over time not a one and done effort. Most site building software includes help but seo managed professionally usually go farther as most web designers are thoroughly trained in boosting seo over time.

5. Include ppc or pay per click advertising into your marketing budget as they can get you matched with target consumers rather quickly for a competitive cost. A go to for website owners still building seo. Bing is cheaper than google

6. Use ppc but start slowly and build a well rounded strategy using multiple venues don't put all your eggs in one basket you can add more or les to each venue as needed as you analyze your cost per sale and other factors.

7. Utilize social media platforms such as facebook and instagram for more than just ads talk to your consumers build relationships through your posts and videos and develop a following.

8. Use groups on social media related to your business to post and market locally in your community. Word of mouth amongst friends is one of the cheapest and oldest time tested methods of marketing

9. Remember when using social media it's not all about business its about image community and personal details such as family videos that will make your business hit home with clients with families and thing of that nature. Social media offers paid advertising that also works well so well i still personally use it alot . Affordable with great reach.

10. Content content content. Cant preach this enough the more often you post new content the more interested your consumer will stay. Keep it relevant to business as much as you can while adding personal touches.

11. Keep your content original. Me i'd rather see a bad ad with original content than a great and i've seen hijacked from elsewhere and just changed a little. Be creative and be ou when it comes to content.

12. It's wise to use promotions on social media to get your content out there to places it normally wouldn't reach just on your page as a story or post. More exposure means more sales

13. Don't underestimate the power of email marketing as its still widely used widely making so many entrepreneurs a profit. Some companies even have automated mail outs for email so its with minimal effort as well. Every online business should at least have this implemented some way into its marketing strategy.

14. Once you have a large email list it's important not to spam them and make them block you or ask to be taken off your list try to only send emails that will be useful to them in some way.

15. Don't overdo marketing right away you don't want to grow beyond what your capable of handling right now you never i repeat never want to turn away business it would be better to subcontract work than create an image you have more business than you can handle.

16. Keep an open mind as your new business grows be willing to mold your company and its services around what your customers need they will thank you for it in the long run as it leaves the impression all small business owners like myself strive to create. We care about our customers needs and we're here to help anyway we can.

17. Promote your company through local events charities and groups. The best part of doing business with small businesses versus corporations is we are out here in our community making differences not just through business. Even wearing your branded shirt serving soup at a soup kitchen catches local eyes and don't be afraid to post about it on social media.

18. This is one tip no one ever likes to hear but it works time and time again. Give something away anything t shirts concert tickets anything you can think of and give away an entry for getting a free quote or leaving a review for example. Promotions like these may even be tax deductible. Also offering discounts for vets military seniors or civil servants are good ways of drawing new business.

19. If nothing else works for you there is one last option for you Call and get a free marketing consultation for Lawn Care Marketing Success. Loaded consult full of free tips suggestions and advice to help you grow your business. We can also show you what we can do to grow your business as we are very experienced and very good at marketing management and promoting new and established brands through a wide range of tactics and plans that are designed around your business your budget and your need to grow.

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