18 Reasons why a website is great for your lawn care or landscaping business.

18 Reasons why a website is great for your lawn care or landscaping business.

18 Reasons why a website is great for your lawn care or landscaping business.

Everyday of the week our team works on websites for business all over the world. This being said we often see a million reasons why these business are in need of a website. In this post we wanted to give you the top 18 reasons why having a website is great for your lawn care or landscaping business is essential. We also would like to answer some common questions we often hear from our customers as well. 

When you are seeking answers to if you need a website or not we truly hope this blog helps you make your mind up with a bit more ease. 

Check out our list below and learn the 18 reasons why a website is great for your lawn care or landscaping business. 

1. It can generate leads

Having a well built and up kept website can increase your leads to your business by as much as 100%. This is a proven fact and you can learn more about this with our other website blogs as well we will gladly answer any questions you may have! 

2.Brand Awareness

When you have a professionally developed website that is well branded it can help your brad awareness greatly. If you SEO is set up properly and you keep traffic funneling to your site overtime your brand awareness will grow. 

3.Reduce Call Complaints

By utilizing a contact form you can direct customer complaints, questions etc to a contact form reducing calls by up to 50%. This also leaves you a communication line that is written down and you can store it in your customer files. 

4. Higher Search Engine Results

Utilizing proper SEO and business listings with you website along with a blog and marketing can lead to better SEO. as your SEO gets better your site ranks higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. 

5. Less Work More Automation

When you have a great business website, things like responding to leads, and keeping up with your flow of traffic and converting leads becomes easier. You can automate your email responses and take payments online making life and business easier. 

18 Reasons why a website is great for your lawn care or landscaping business.

6. Your Site Can Become An Information Center

If you build your blog properly, people will stop in and see what you have to say. If you build your post around common questions you will begin to rank for these questions making it easier for customers to find you and work with you. 

7. The Internet Works 24/7

Even when you and your employees have to sleep the internet works. I have seen leads come in at all hours of the night and this can be a great thing to wake up to in the morning! It also is a continual part of your business that is always active. 

8. You Can Show Off Your Services

You can use a website to showcase your work and what you do. This can help to increase sales, and reduce calls for services you cannot provide. I cannot tell you how great this can be when your in need of lawn care calls but you do not do blacktop. 

9.  Wider Reach

Having a wider reach to potential customers is huge. If your only on Facebook, or only on Google or not even online your still missing a vast majority of possible business you can get in a season. 

10. Higher Conversion Rates

When you have  well designed and informative website it can lead to higher conversion rates and more sales overall. The use of a website has been proven to increase conversions by up to 50%. 

11. Promote Your Business

You can promote your business in a lot more places such as free business listings utilizing a website. While old school marketing still works in some ways having the ability to list all over the internet can be huge!  

12.Higher Qualified Leads

When you have a website that is informative you can better educate a your visitors and convert more qualified leads overall. There is nothing else in the world like solid organised information when your having an issue. 

13. Makes Way For More Networking 

You can network with a lot more business and business professionals when they can find your site. I have seen time and time again where business land multi property deals from HOA'S or property managers because someone found them on Google. 

14. Makes Enquiry Marketing Possible 

When people are looking for answers to their questions online it can be a great tool to utilize your blog and put answers to common questions up for your viewers. This can lead to more leads, sales, and conversions. 

15.Give Your Business a Personality 

Often times our customers just assume were just another lawn care or landscaping company. By showing who you are and what you do online you are inviting your customer in to see exactly what your business is about and who you are. 

16. Stay Relevant 

To often we allow our time in the field to overwhelm our business. When this happens we are not getting enough up to date information to possible customers. There is nothing worse than loosing business because we are not up to date and informative. 

17.Cost Effective Video Marketing

If you are a YouTube person or you have had a professionally done video and you use this to market your business a website can help lower your CPC majorly. We have seen click as low as 3 cents with a proper site. 

18. Keep Business Goals In Line

Using your website as a sales tool can help to ensure you meet you business sales goals. This can lead you to meeting and exceeding the goals you set for yourself and your business. It can also help relay specials and discounts you may be using to meet sales goals. 

We hope these reasons help you when you are thinking about needing a website! If you choose to have a website put together our team is here for you! Simply click the link below and get your 100% FREE front page sample and website quote! 

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