17 Lawn Care Marketing Tips , Tricks and Things To Watch

Being a great marketer and actually taking on the lawn care marketing world are 2 different story. Our team has spent years developing plans to ensure your lawn care marketing experience is great. When you want to get the team that goes above and beyond we are right here. Check out our 17 tips, tricks and things to watch to evaluating your lawn care marketing success..

17 Lawn Care Marketing Tips,Tricks and Things To Watch

1. Conversions

Most of all your conversion rate is essential to measuring your lawn care marketing's ability to create actual dollars. If you have 1 page site and you get 50 leads a day dont change it because that would be sheer stupidity. If your site however is not converting, or not converting enough it may be time to do some digging.

2. Google is not always fair

Google is not always fair an you need to be prepared for up hill battle. Trying to list first even with a great SEO team can be a battle. Our team takes a ton of pride in building up our clients but we often hear complaints of how slow SEO is. We have seen major changes since the algorithm change in the spring of 2018 a ton. Be prepared for change and slow SEO changes but know that over time with a good team success is possible!

3. A/B Test constantly

A/ B Test constantly and be sure you know your ads and content are working properly. If you keep up with your testing and you give different things opportunities it will help you grow over time! The more information you track the better educated guess you can make!

4. Long Tail Keywords are your friend

When you get into lawn care marketing and SEO it is always great to remember that long tail keywords are a key to building organic traffic. A lot of time people focus on the basics such as lawn care, aeration or landscaping. What is often missed is the ability to capitalize on long tail keywords such as " Lawn Care in Chicago". Those types of keywords tend to help a ton more!

5. Find out what your ROI is on every marketing dollar

If you don't already track it you need to start tracking the ROI on every campaign you run with your business. This will help you to get a better grasp of what is working and what is not. This will be your map to spending your marketing budget!

6. The Door Magnet Trick

If your outdoor team is struggling, simply go to amazon and order some business card magnets they are usually $40 - $50 per 2000. Have your team put business cards on them and magnet the flyers to the door. With our research this has effectively increased sales by as much as 10% with our door to door teams!

7. Plan for failure, don't run from it

Plan to fail from time to time. I guess the easiest way to say this is that you need to be prepared as we all see failure once in a while in our lives. So just keep vigilant and prepared as not everything will always be great. Be prepared for up's and downs.

8. Keep an Eye on Your Over Time

Keep an eye on your overtime. Employees may do great work but you are doing them no good if your breaking the bank. Having balance in your business is essential. Be sure you keep a close eye on your books.

9. It takes money to make money

Unless your overflowing with new customers, it's going to take some money to make some money. Phones, Marketing, Leads and Content all cost money. Don't be stingy on spending for your business marketing. You can have the best of the best equipment but if your website is in poor shape and your flyers are the same from three seasons ago, you are letting yourself down. Take the time to develop your marketing materials and get help from a professional if you need it on your lawn care marketing materials.

10. Do a power listing

Sure, there are a million tracking tools and excel files where you can track your listings but are they worth it? If you think about the average listing taking 5 minutes to fill out and there being over 164 your business should be on its well worth it. If you have any questions on power listings give us a call 815-823-7144.

11. Run prepay campaigns

If you are not currently running pre pay campaigns you're losing money. I know the though of giving customers a discount to pay in advance is chilling but truly think about it. If you do this and build it into your pricing it can help keep more customers and revenue for the business a ton!

12. Use A CRM

Having a CRM for your business is essential. No matter if your using Real Green, Service Autopilot or Yardbook this is an essential for your business. CRM help with everything from routing to marketing and they help automate a ton of the office work!

13. Get Production down to a science

Get the production side of your business down to a science. If your production is on point and working smooth, it allows for you to focus on more growth and the ability to ultimately scale the business.

14. Do not wait until last minute for spring marketing

Do not wait until last minute, start marketing your lawn care company early or you could end up in last place come season. Make sure that you have your materials ready to roll. if you are new to the business and start late in the season it is still a good idea to 1 get set up online but be sure you have other marketing avenues for about 6 weeks as well.

15. Plan campaigns with goals

Plan seasonal and sales based campaigns with budgets and goals. Having this set up will help you build your business quicker and more effectively. If you plan goals and measure your effectiveness it can be really helpful to you as a business!

16. Delegate Like a Pro

I have a lot of experience with this right here and guy's delegating is key. If we look at ourselves like a glass of water, we pour more and more in until eventually we fall. This is the same concept. If we do not learn to delegate tasks we know others can handle we will eventually fail.

17. Quality + Content = Conversions

Quality plus content equals conversions. If you develop quality content your traffic will engage more with your site and overall you will see more leads!

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