Planning & Starting 

Planning is the first thing you have to do no matter what it is that you are trying to accomplish. So here in our planning and starting section, we will take you through exactly how to plan and start your sales team! 

Step 1:

Step one is rather simple. With this step, you will begin our journey to a great sales team! Take a look at last year's revenue. Now place your goal around that goal. If you're unsure of how to scale effectively I can say that 30% growth is always a great goal. Simply setting the bar for future goals is great. Set a goal at 30% or higher based off of your last season's sales revenue as long as you haven't had any major losses. Now if you have that is ok, but you're planning will be set up a lot differently. For people who did take major losses and are simply looking to rebuild our rebuild program is more suited for you! 

Now that you have a goal set, it does not matter if it is $150,000 in new sales or $5,000,000 this process works to ensure we have our goals set. 

Step 2:

Step two is our planning phase use the plan below and establish a plan for your season based off of your goal for your marketing plan! 

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