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Annual Lawn and Landscape Influncer Online Summit - Our Speakers

Welcome to our first-ever Annual Lawn and Landscape Influencer Online Summit. Below you will find the current list of speakers for our online summit and we have more on the way! Stay tuned in from April 6th - 13th and see what the leaders and influences in your industry have in store for you! 

Blake Albertson

John Perry

Business owner and world renowned lawn care YouTuber. Blake has over 50,000 followers and has built a so​lid and a very successful business and YouTube Channel. 

John Perry is a well known entrepreneur and the CEO of BioGreen Fertilizer. He has made a global impact on the lawn and landscape industry in recent years. 

Brandon Harris

Scott Hans

Brandon Harris is the CEO of Lawn Care Marketing Success and the owner of LawnTeX Magazine. He also is a blogger and public speaker. 

Scott Hans is a small business owner and the Founder of Lawn Life a Facebook group with nearly 10,000 members. Scott has become an Icon in the industry. 

Sean Adams

Danny Lanier

Nick Saint

James Hicks

Sean is the CEO of Integra Consulting and a new face to the industry, but he has made a huge impact. As a visionary and leader Sean is a great person with amazing real advice! 

Danny Lanier is a lawn care business owner and a world renowned lawn care Youtuber who is making an impact in the industry! Danny makes videos and educates business owners all over the world! 

Nick Saint is the CEO of One Love Lawn and also the founder of and Lawn Care World TV!! He has a lot to share and can be a great resource if you listen! 

James Hicks is the CEO of OTS in Lebanon, Ohio and a public speaker and blogger in the lawn and landscaping industry! James has been an innovator in our lawn and landscaping industry! 

Brian Schuman

Brian Schuman is the owner / operator of Schumans Lawn Care out of Southern Illinois & Known for his out of box thinking and big personality. He loves to encourage folks all over the world.

Mike Callahan

Mario Sanez

Bill Schultz

After over 24 years in the lawn care & , Mike Callahan created a turnkey automation solution that revolutionized his business and is now teaching the lessons he learned while growing his company as the owner of SimpleGrowth.


Mike is a Columnist for Lawn & Landscape Magazine writing Callahan's Corner, a certified advisor for Service Autopilot, and a certified partner with Infusionsoft!

Mario Sanez is a small business owner and a founding member of ! Be sure to stop in and see what he has to offer! 

Bill is the owner of Eastern Lawn and Landscaping as well as a Natura Lawn Franchise! With over 20 years of experience Bill offers a different perspective than usual to keeping your lawn and  landscaping business going.