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As lawn care business SEO can be complicated and confusing, it may also lead you and your company to greater success than you ever imagined. In today's world search engines and social media have become key in growing your brand. By having proper SEO you are allowing your business to grow effectively online and scale where it needs to. To do this you must focus on growing in the right areas and building a plan that fits your business. we will answer quite a few common questions below and hopefully, this helps you to grow your business. 

What is SEO?

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization is the use of developing content to gain page ranking on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. By utilizing keywords and quality content, the hope is that over a period of time your page will gain more authority than your competitors growing your brand to first-page results on targeted keywords.

Where Do I Start With My Lawn Care Business SEO?

Well, this is a trick question. If you have already started developing keywords and quality content then you may already have a kickstart. Often lawn care business owners find companies to do their SEO work and they go the route of having a professional do the work. Also, you may do it on your own such as Rob Coyle the CEO of ScapeWorx Landscaping who works alongside us as a client and partner. 

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