How Does This Lawn Care Marketing Influncers Week Work?

Welcome Influencers! If you are on this landing page first and foremost congratulations! We have invited 100 of the top Influencers in our market across the nation. We are asking you to help us by making a week of great content. for small business owners throughout our country. 

What Do I need to do for this event?

Please create the following content by April 5, 2019

- A blog post 5 - 10 things to make your business more successful in 2019.

*Our goal will be 500 items with multiple back links so everyone will win from this week opening post. 

- A video of whatever legnth your comfortable with.

This video should include tips and tricks and or your product or services. We ask that you use the term "Lawn Care Influencers Summit 2019 at least 2 times in the video".

- A bio, headshot, logo, and backlinks as we want to ensure we all grow as a team from this! 

- Post, share and help announce the first annual ALLLC event

- Some will be asked to go live in Lawn Life during this period with Scott Hans. If you can do a live please let us know! 

- Once we release the master header we ask that you host this as your Facebook header for the week of the event though not a requirement! 

Thank you again for helping our team put on this great week! 

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